Goobermint use of tax dollars dishonorable mentions

Socialist Reformers have real problems to address but hey they don’t let those bother them in their “real” state– nope not when they have more important soapbox issues. Keep in mind while reading some of the things below that Time Budget (produced by National Budget Committee) tossed out a low ball estimate of $700-1,000 to actually write a bill of any kind in 1923! They also emphasized the cost of production was only a fraction when compared to the cost of enforcement and justification over the years. Bwahaha. A prime example of the stupidity and waste associated with bills and … Continue reading

Funny Friday

**NOTICE** ** DOUBLE EXTRA NOTICE** Greetings to all of you Fellow Funny Friday Fans. Last week I dabbled in a new format using a Slideshow to present each contributors material. This week I went full-blast with it, along with some other innovations that I hope you will like. The Slideshow will allow readers to sit back and enjoy in an automated fashion, giving your scrolling finger a much deserved rest. It also groups according to contributor or theme. If the timing between slides isn’t right for you, you can use the arrows to manually advance, go back, or pause in … Continue reading

CBP unveils changes to Flores Ruling

CBP Press Conference – DHS Hosting Press Conference on Changes to Flores Ruling “To help protect children from abuse, and stop this illegal flow, we must close these loopholes. This is an urgent humanitarian necessity.” – President Donald J. Trump Considering the continued assault and obstruction being waged by the Socialist left-leaning Democrats and their paid pathetic Court Judges, as well as the determined effort to prevent bipartisan legislation to move forward that is meaningful and appropriate to revise the Immigration Policies, President Trump and his administration are taking every legal, lawful step possible to fulfill both the promise to … Continue reading

Sweden: Uzbek migrant celebrated as a model integrationist arrested on suspicion of terrorism

From the Voice of Europe: Excerpts: At one point, the Uzbek migrant was held up as a shining example of migrant integration by a local Swedish newspaper, according to Nyheter Idag. (Shining example, hmp) The man, who’s in his thirties, was reported to have been driving close to the Stortorget square in Östersund when he was pulled over by armed police. After investigators found items in his car which led them to believe he had been preparing for a potential murder, the man was arrested. Following the arrest, both the prosecutor’s office and the Swedish security police Sapo were able … Continue reading

Chinese takeover of Hong Kong escalating and hardening

China flaunts military muscle as it seeks to quell Hong Kong’s ‘colour revolution’ . Beijing’s rhetoric escalating alongside video of troop carriers at border, yet experts say deployment a last resort The Guardian Emma Graham-Harrison Aug. 14 2019 The messages from Beijing to protesters in Hong Kong are increasingly ominous. First there was propaganda footage of Chinese soldiers garrisoned in Hong Kong drilling for intense urban fighting that looked more like a civil war than search and rescue or crowd control. Now footage has emerged of armoured paramilitary vehicles massing across the border. Two months into demonstrations sparked by a … Continue reading

How’s That Open Borders Thing Working for Sweden?

Predictably, not very well. The Muslim migrants Sweden’s progressive government has invited to crash their nation are not acting like thankful guests in a new home much more peaceful than the one they fled. Nooooo, they’re bringing their 8th century agenda with them, and beating it into the Swedes – particularly the “infidel” women they find there. This is the Mohammedan version of what’s happening in parts of these United States. Wise up, folks. No border walls, no enforced immigrant vetting, and your virtue-signalling will kiss your peaceful way of life buh-bye. — Safespace —

Lefty Humor: The Squad vs Donald Trump on “The Simpsons”

This “West Side Story” parody is not getting good early press, so watch it while it’s still available. Yrs Truly gives credit to the Simpsons writers for venturing where most other MSM programs fear to tread (even if they are a bunch of leftards). — Safespace —

Soldiers to Get New Greens Uniform in 2020 After Army Finalizes Design

19 Nov 2018 – | By Matthew Cox The Army plans to begin issuing its newly announced Army Greens to new soldiers beginning in summer 2020, the service’s senior enlisted leader said Monday. Army Secretary Mark Esper approved the Nov. 11 adoption of the much-discussed Army Greens, which all soldiers must wear by 2028. The new uniform, recently renamed by service brass, is a version of the iconic pinks-and-greens uniform Army officers wore during World War II. “This uniform is still in the minds of many Americans. This nation came together during World War II and fought and won a great war,” Sergeant … Continue reading

Aussie CPAC interview with Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage on Hong Kong: Trump is the First Global Leader To Call Out China [CPAC Australia] .. American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times August 20, 2019 In Nigel Farage’s view, why is the suppression of conservative viewpoints so dangerous to the functioning of a civilized democracy? –00– It’s always interesting to get Farage’s take on US issue’s and Donald;s Trump actions on the international stage especially now when the leftists are attacking most of the western civilizations trying to break down their national structures so that a global society can rule the world. –Uriel–

Latest US News out of the Middle East

US Foreign news in brief . Rumors of a second downed US drone by Iran had me meandering through this weeks news and then I realized we had a lot of nuggets of news we had not seen much of in the mainstream this week. (Or I should say I have not seen.) Which led me to post this — not sure how many are interested but at least it is available in a handy post here. Yemen: STC-aligned forces seize military bases in Abyan; Hadi government meets in Riyadh to discuss response to STC seizure of Aden; Saudi-led coalition … Continue reading

‘Red Flag Laws’ Will Be ‘Weaponized’ For Political Purposes

From AllNewsPipeline: Excerpts: They do understand that forced confiscation will not work although they use that as a last resort. They seem to think that the military, law enforcement, and government brownshirts will back them up. Most military, local law enforcement and even a vast majority of federal law enforcement are pro-gun. The reality is that any effort to force American patriots to give up the firearms that have will result in a bloody civil war with many deaths on both sides. Red Flag Laws, the newest idea to confiscate the firearms of American patriots, will be based on the … Continue reading

Ilhan Omar’s District Named ‘Worst’ In United States For Black Americans

From NeonNettle: I found this nugget on another blog and went to the original document. Never heard of this site before, so I checked it out. My favorite Fantastic Four member Rep Omar, quote, “Faces another PR disaster.” Excerpts: In what seems to be another PR disaster for the congresswoman, financial website 24/7 Wall Street published its study last week which looked to measure “socioeconomic disparities between black and white Americans by congressional districts to identify the worst congressional districts for black Americans.” Each of the five worst districts for black Americans is represented by Democrats. What is more ironic … Continue reading

Coming to a Democrat held state in the near future, folks

Is it the air, the water, or the weed in California? Have Californian residents seriously allowed their legislature and governor to sign these things into law? You chumps sat back and watched as your mostly Socialist Democrat legislators and definitely socialist governors wrote these bills into law. Apparently the majority have no problem with what they are doing? In 2018, Brown wrote over a 1,000 laws that took affect at or by January 1, 2019. The new governor and legislature appear to be on track to surpass Brown not only in number but socialist political scope. Where is the DoJ … Continue reading

Leader of “Organic” Scam Sentenced

Ya Just Can’t Trust Anyone These Days Especially Those Leftists Who Make Tons of Money Off Trendy Catch Phrases Like “Organic”! So Much for Democratic Socialism aka Capitalism. OOPS . Leader of ‘Field of Schemes’ organic fraud sentenced to 10 years Sold millions worth of fake organic grains to unwitting consumers Cedar Rapids Gazette Trish Mehaffey August 19, 2019 CEDAR RAPIDS — A Missouri man prosecutors say ran a “Field of Schemes” — ringing up over $142 million in sales by passing off grains as organic when most were not — was ordered last week to federal prison for more … Continue reading

How to Destroy the Climate Change Hoax

Celebrities, activists, environmentalist organizations, the UN, government entities and sadly, even the Vatican support the theory that humans cause climate change. However, in this exclusive interview, “global warming” expert and author Marc Morano gives you hard-hitting arguments and facts that dispel the artificial fear propagated by “climate emergency” alarmists. What’s interesting is that Morano was once a “global warming” believer until he educated himself and then saw the light. If you have an hour to invest this is a worthwhile video. Share it with your climate change/global warming believing friends and family. Morano exposes the idiocy and the schemes behind … Continue reading

MAD Maxine Waters Asks For Money Back From Homeless Woman on Skid Row

From Paul Joseph Watson via InfoWars: Mad Maxine couldn’t let this photo opt go…..”Visiting” “Skid Row” in LA she bought a book from a homeless activists Stephanie Arnold Williams. Mad Maxine only had a $20 for a book costing $10, so she was asking for change……Mad Maxine also made the following comment and excerpt: “And she’s so creative. She set up a really nice environment here, but she’s got all these educational books. And guess what? I bought the … Langston Hughes book, $10,” Waters said, waving around a $20 bill. “I need change.” AND After purchasing a book from … Continue reading