Arab Intervention in Yemen

  From Middle East Forum   While the rapidly escalating regional military conflict in Yemen has taken many outsiders by surprise, the Middle East Forum has been closely following the deteriorating situation in the southern Arabian peninsula for years. For an informed introduction to the issue, we recommend the following selection of articles by Middle East Forum staff and fellows, and by specialists who have written for our flagship publication, Middle East Quarterly (MEQ). Background For background on the Shiite Houthi insurgency in Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s first intervention in 2009, we recommend Lucas Winter’s 2012 MEQ article, “Riyadh Enters … Continue reading

John Bolton: Obama Administration ‘Suppressing Reality’ By Calling Yemen ‘a Success’

Neglect is the proper description with regards to anything and everything that the Putt administration has touched.  King Putt skips the majority of the intel briefings so why would it be a surprise that he gets “surprised” with anything that happens around the world on his watch.  He’s opined many a time that he “just read it in the paper… or watched it on the news” when he gets caught flat-footed. “Yemen a success?”  Yeah right… only if you call wrecking the place a success, or reversing any gains made before he got into power.  The one thing that lefties … Continue reading

As Terrorists Go This Is a Big Fish – Now a Free Man

  From Freedom Rings 1776     The photo to the left is of Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri, back in Qatar with his youngest son. Photo provided to the Peoria Journal Star by al Marri’s family. What? You have never heard of Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri? Well, to be perfectly honest, neither had I until today. He is one of those special terrorists we were not supposed to know about. However, he was so special that one of Obama’s first acts in January of 2009 was to try to have him released. This man is a BIG fish, and now Obama … Continue reading

Allen West Asks: Are We Toast?

From On Tuesday evening President Obama stated, “the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong” — and of course the blind followers cheered. Obama also hinted that we had “turned the page” on our fight against terrorism. Remember his unilateral declaration at the National War College that the war on terror had ended — and of course he has commanded that combat operations end in two theaters of operation; Iraq and Afghanistan. But nothing could shine the light on President Obama’s naiveté (or approval?) more than the fact that just 48 hours after … Continue reading

The Penalty of Islamic Marriages

Muhammad is said to have married Aisha when she was SIX years old, and consummated the marriage sexually at her age of NINE. Islam also teaches that Muhammad was the “Perfect Example”, and was to be followed in all his acts and actions, as an example to humanity henceforth. Following is the tragic story of one (of many) consequences. The Clarion Project has the story. Child Bride Dies in Yemen From Injuries on Wedding Night    Activists are calling for the groom, who is believed to be around 40 years old, and the girl’s family, to be arrested so they … Continue reading