A New Proposal To Curb Food Stamp Abuse

We have angrily shuddered at stories about steak and lobster being purchased by food stamp recipients, while we struggle to use coupons, find sales, and otherwise stretch our food dollars to buy the basics.  Apparently, word of this sort of abuse (and surely much more) has filtered to the top of the Trump administration: Leftists FREAK OUT about bold Trump admin. proposal to revamp food stamps A friend once watched a bum use food stamps to buy bottled water. He left the store with a shopping cart full of water bottles purchased with our tax dollars. He went behind the … Continue reading

Changes Coming to Wisconsin Food Program

  From Fox 6 Now: Major changes coming soon to Wisconsin’s FoodShare program. Starting April 1st, FoodShare recipients ages 18 to 49 (who do not have any minor children) will be required to work for their benefits. The work requirement rules will affect members who have a renewal or apply for FoodShare benefits on and after April 1st, 2015. If you are an adult age 18 through 49, there are four ways you can meet your work requirement: Work at least 80 hours each month. Take part in an allowable work program such as FSET, Wisconsin Works (W-2) or certain … Continue reading

Welfare Abuse – Our Hard Earned Dollars

Listen to this interview. An Austin welfare recipient tells Austin’s Morning News she gets a lot of welfare money and can stay home and smoke weed. Lucy is 32 with three kids. She is on welfare just like her parents and admits her kids will do the same. She says taxpayers are the fools…she gets to lay up all day and smoke weed while you go to work. (hat-tip Skip) Pissed yet? ~ Hardnox