Time For Weasel Of The Week

One would think with the SCOTUS ruling allowing HQFS “marriage” now, the homos would be happy. But, NO, like the rest of the left, these asshats are NEVER happy with ANYTHING. Now you can say 5 members of the court know the Constitution, and 4 don’t, or vice versa. Doesn’t matter, faggotry has been codified, and yet some of the HQFS faction had to BLAST the justices who dissented, with Justice Thomas receiving this vitriol from someone who has NEVER been anything but one who pretends to be someone else. OH,MY. It is with great disgust, and you Star Trek … Continue reading

Time For ” Weasel Of The Week”.

Yes, my friends, it is Sunday. Time to find out just WHO epitomizes Weaseldom the best. In a week that will be remembered for a VERY long time, we have seen just how the left has destroyed the notion of free choice for goods and services, codifying faggotry, along with decimating the Constitution. My choice for Weasels this week was not a hard one to make. With their undying devotion to ruining the last, great bastion of liberty and freedom in the entire world, this week’s Weasels are deserving ONLY of our scorn and derision. These fools are soon going … Continue reading

OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

Aside from attending worship services of your choice, or not, if you are non-religious, what BETTER thing could you do on Sunday morning than to see who the Weasel is ? And that is where we come in. We have had some moronic Weasels, some disgusting Weasels, some firsts in Weasel history, but this one wraps ALL of that up in one false package. Sometimes one is better off STAYING with the Creator’s idea for oneself. Our Weasel this week couldn’t be bothered with that, so, let’s get right to our……………………. WEASEL OF THE WEEK You all have heard the … Continue reading

O.K., Folks. It’s SUNDAY !

Yes, dear readers, and friends, it is time once again to see just which lefty (or righty if warranted) gets “capped” this week. Sometimes I find them early in the week, sometimes late. This week’s Weasel popped up early in the week, suggesting that CRIMINAL STATUTES be used AGAINST people who disagree with him. This democrat from Rhode Island is a particularly nasty sonofabitch, I have wrote other pieces about his disdain for our Constitution. If you are a “climate denier” like I, and SO MANY others are, then you need to pay special attention to this week’s ……… WEASEL … Continue reading

O.K., Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

And that means it’s time once again to see who gets “capped” this week. As always, there were a TON of worthy candidates, but since we must remain “bipartisan”, this week’s Weasel is SUPPOSED to be one of US. With ONE stupid ass statement, our Weasel went from a possible POTUS candidate, to one who could most likely not be elected dog catcher. This week’s award sort of pains me, but if we are to remain true to the notion of Weaseldom, then THIS guy MUST receive the award. So, without further ado, let us get right to it, and give it … Continue reading

O.K., Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

Time to find out who gets “capped” this week. Since the beginning of this series, the focus has been on one of the three stool legs of leftist lunacy, that being government, academe, and the media. They NEVER leave us short of material. This week’s Weasel is from government. Gee, go figure, right ? This one is from the odious Eric Holder -run Department Of Justice, which, as we all know, is as corrupt as La Cosa Nostra was in it’s heyday. Our Weasel this week has obviously NEVER learned or heeded the old adage, ” better to be thought … Continue reading

O.K., Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

Time once again to find out who our Weasel Of The Week is. This week’s winner goes way back in leftist circles. He, of course, is a Columbia University graduate, life-long democrat hack, wealthy, and a HUGE Clintonista. This is a guy who was in the Clinton’s infamous “War Room” inside the White House when B.J.Bill was soiling the Oval Office carpet, then after THAT fiasco was over, our Weasel then went on to, where else, a leftist lamestream media outlet, the one I derisively called the All Bill Clinton network. The leftist maggot has gone on to be the … Continue reading

O.K, Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

Once again, it is time to find out this week’s winner of the stylish pitcap, for oral asininity. While there are always enough worthy candidates, this week’s winner is SUPPOSED to be on OUR side. Last week, in Garland, Texas, Pamela Geller hosted an event to draw cartoons of the false pedophile prophet. And, just as certain as mice to cheese, out comes the “believers”, to try to shoot up the place. They FAILED, thanks to GOOD GUYS with guns. In the ensuing fallout in the lunatic leftist media, you would have thought that Geller herself was the jihadist, NOT the … Continue reading

O.K, Folks. It’s Sunday On Monday.

So I’m a day late. Fire me. BWAHAHAHAHAA. On to the reason for the post. This week’s Weasel has been laying low of late, not quite sure why, since he seems to adore being made a fool of in world affairs. But, with THIS asininity, it looks like he’s picked up right where he left off, in an absolutely AWFUL insult to our Israeli allies, the former worst President Of The United States becomes Hardnox and Friends……. WEASEL  OF  THE WEEK Yes, dear readers, James Earl Carter, the 39th President, and the SECOND worst in modern American history, uttered THIS … Continue reading

OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!!

The weeks just seem to fly by in eager anticipation of just which left wing loon wins the coveted pitcap. We have some real strong contenders this week, but I think this one deserves it more than the rest. Lately, we have witnessed some real stupid stuff coming out of the mouths of various lefties, from a wide range of issues facing the nation. This week’s looness gets the cap for one of the STUPIDEST things ever uttered from a left wing loon. So, without any further ado, or rigamarole, let us get to this week’s………………. WEASEL OF THE WEEK … Continue reading

OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY!!!

  And you know what THAT means. Time once again for our H&F foray into the muddled world of leftist lunacy, and see who wins the stylish pitcap this week. Earlier this past week, the left, with a LOAD of help from the Regime, tried to derail the Israeli Knesset elections, by LYING about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They LOST. Big time. Of course, the left wasted NO time in decrying Netanyahu’s victory. With the usual hatred of all things to the right of Stalin. No one was quite as asinine as the “esteemed” writer at Time Magazine, a rag … Continue reading


Time once again to see just which liberal leftist lunatic wins the esteemed award and stylish pitcap. When I started the WOTW, I thought it would be a simple process of picking the winner. But, this past week has been one of the harder ones, since there has been SO MANY worthy buffoons, but I have made the choice. You all are familiar with this week’s Weasel winner, as he has made a career out of saying stupid, haughty, and downright insulting things. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. Time to name the H&F ……. WEASEL OF … Continue reading


Welcome to the first week of the moronic Daylight Savings Time, I hope you remembered to set your clocks, watches, sundials, and whatever ahead by one hour. So much for that time, now for THE “highlight” of the weekend, seeing just WHICH leftist liberal loon gets the stylish pitcap. Since this week’s Weasel is well known to most of y’all, I won’t need a “flowery” introduction. This pseudo-female has a LOT of dirt on her hands, and the blood of at LEAST 4 Americans at Benghazi, and God knows how many others. But, she doesn’t get the “award” for that, … Continue reading

OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

And that means it’s time once again for the H&F Weasel Of The Week Award to be bestowed upon our “lucky” winner. As I scour the Internet ( thanks, Al Gore) looking for those who best exemplify Weaselness, sometimes we come across a few, sometimes we come across MANY. Sometimes they are from the political arena, the lamestream media, academe, you name the leftist realm, they are out there. This week’s Weasel has a LONG history of saying REALLY STUPID things, but THIS was a doozy, even for THIS moroness. So, without further ado, since “we have to pass it … Continue reading

O.K., Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

And you ALL know what THAT means. Go to church if you will, or must, OR, you can treat yourself with THIS. Yes, my friends, once more we delve into the leftist lunacy for the week, to see which “worthy candidate”is this week’s……….. WEASEL OF THE WEEK     I think no one will be  surprised with THIS choice. She is a relative newcomer to the leftist lunacy purveyors employed by the Obama Regime, but she came out SWINGING. And, by the end of the week, was hoisted upon her own petard. So, without further ado, I am PROUD to … Continue reading


Yes, dear readers and friends, it is THAT time of the week to see WHO gets the pitcap, AND the MUCH sought-after H&F Weasel Of The Week. This week’s Weasel is known to you all by several names, the WORST being Vice-President Of The United States Of America. The kindest being Crazy Uncle Joe. Without further ado, let’s get down to it with this week’s “honoree”……. WEASEL  OF  THE  WEEK Our Weasel this week is none other than Joe “Bite Me” Biden, our “illustrious” Vice-President, and the CHEAPEST “insurance policy” Barack Hussein Obama could find.     Bite Me gets … Continue reading

OK,Folks, It’s SUNDAY.

And y’all know what THAT means, right ?  Time to see which worthy moron opened the oral sewer to become this week’s winner. Since I do NOT want to be viewed as a sexist pig, this week’s Weasel will be a FIRST for the esteemed award. So, without further ado, let’s meet our “wise” Weasel for this week.   WEASEL  OF  THE WEEK This week’s winner is an esteemed associate Justice of the Unites States Supreme Court, and Hardnox and Friends FIRST female Weasel. For her comment that there is NO “judicial activism”, we are pleased to announce Associate Justice … Continue reading

OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY.

Time once again to pick H&F’s Weasel Of The Week. Sometimes, it is easy, some times it’s tough. This past week, we had several worthy Weasels, but it has been narrowed down to one. This Weasel is, unfortunately, well known for his disdain for American energy independence, since it would upset his “owners” too much. Not to mention his disdain for ALL things American. Without further ado, here is our………. drum roll please……… Hardnox and Friends ..….   WEASEL  OF  THE  WEEK. This week’s Weasel is none other than Barack Hussein Obama, for his starring role in slapping Alaska in … Continue reading