Arizona’s Avra Valley – What Every State Should Consider About Water

FINALLY, some states have wised up and are putting into play water conservation methods long talked about by groups who have seen this time coming for many years! Western States Negotiate Drought Contingency Plan Despite Wet Winter Route Fifty Timothy Clark April 17, 2017 A visit to Arizona’s Avra Valley highlights advanced hydrological, technological and conservation solutions to the Tucson area’s water concerns. AVRA VALLEY, Ariz. — Here in the desert 15 miles from downtown Tucson, a remarkable engineering system is providing a reliable supply of water that’s the envy of other communities in the arid West. Twenty ponds, ranging … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 7.16.14

       Are We Next Victim of the Yemen-style Blackout? SurvivoPedia In case you haven’t heard, Al-Queda is back on the rise. The ISIS (Islamic State of Iran and Syria) which has recently renamed itself the “Islamic State” (IS), is actually a splinter group of Al-Queda. So, not only are they on the rise, but they are taking back territory which the United States won and which our president has decided to abandon. Now, I realize that President Obama has declared on several occasions that Al-Queda is on the run and all but destroyed. However, we all know that … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 7.9.14

           Survival Skills to Learn from the Indian Tribes Native Americans are, perhaps, the best example on the planet of a people who lived solely off the land while protecting it for future generations. They held the belief that we don’t own the land; we are simply borrowing it from our children. In other words, they lived sustainably, protected their resources, and survived (and thrived) while doing no harm to the planet. This made them survivors of the highest order, so today we’re going to talk about survival skill you can learn from Indian tribes. Meat … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Fuel & Travel 7.6.14

Hey Folks, Welcome to this Sundays’ edition of SHTF – Survival. Today We’re gonna focus on Fuel and Travel. Now, we all need to get this “reality” into our heads once and for all: Unless you own an oil refinery and an oil well, you’re gonna be walking or riding a bike or a beast of burden OR you’re smart enough to find an alternative. There are a few, should you have the capacity to be inventive. One is making your own Bio-diesel and this will all depend on where you decide to take up residense. If you’re close enough … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 7.2.14

              Are You Prepared for the 2014 Pandemic? If you think that a pandemic would not be possible in 2014, in modern society, think again. In fact, the last pandemic happened just a few years ago, in 2009. It was the swine flu pandemic which mostly affected areas of Africa and Southeast Asia. However, it managed to kill around 280,000 people. The danger is still very real. New influenza viruses keep appearing, while Ebola virus, the Rift Valley fever and the Lassa fever virus are still dangerous. Where the Danger Comes From A pandemic is … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival: Gardening & Farming 6.29.14

Hey Folks and welcome to this Sunday’s edition of SHTF Survival: Gardening & Farming. Over the past several weeks we’ve talked about many issues we’d face when the SHTF and one the most crucial of these topics is “food”; where to get it, how to store and how to grow it. We’ve discussed growing things on roof tops and in green houses, when land is scarce, but we’ve never discussed what the situation would be after the “dust settled” and life is thrown back into the late 1800’s. When gas was no longer available to run the tractors, what do … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 6.25.14

Emergency Medicine: Treating Animal Bites Correctly Most people have, at some time of their life, run afoul of some ornery critter. In the United States, there are millions of animal bites every year resulting in hundreds of thousands of ER visits. As this is Dog Bite Prevention Week, we’ll discuss animal bites by mammals. Although wild animals will bite when threatened or ill (or to protect their young or territory), most avoid humans if at all possible. Domestic pets, such as cats, dogs, and small rodents are the culprits in the grand majority of cases. Dog bites, the most common, are responsible for tens of millions of … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Medication / First Aid 6.22.14

Hey Folks and welcome to another edition of SHTF Survival. Today, I’m going to give some of you some rather controversial advise and say the following: (DISCLAIMER- The suggestions made herein are a personal opinion and are not to be construed as instructional. The reader bears any and all responsibilities for their own actions or in-actions.) 1. IF YOU CAN, try to, alternately, skip your meds and build a stockpile. I’ve been doing this for some time and have nearly a 6 month supply of crucial meds saved. This means you have to watch what you’re doing and eating. If … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Barter and Trade – Currency (Tools and Trading Your Crafts and Skills)

Today’s edition of SHTF comes from a friend of one of our steadfast contributors, Garnet. My thanks go out to him and his keen eye. Without further adue, here it is…Enjoy~! “My thoughts and opinions on barter and trade. The Big Five trade goods in my opinion are liquor, tobacco, coffee, sugar, and gasoline. Other high ticket items are meat, pain medications, feminine hygiene items, milk, baby things, toilet paper, lighters & matches, chocolate, salt, seeds, canning lids, cooking oils, gloves, socks, needles & thread, and other fuels. Other items to stock are ammunition; various condiments, herbs, and spices; flour … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival Wednesday – 6.11.14

           DIY Project: How to Build the Perfect Sling In a time of major crisis do not overlook the simple cord sling as a weapon or a hunting tool. It would fit nicely in your bug out bag because it is lightweight, easy to store and easy to use. Rocks or other projectiles to be used as ammo can also be easily picked up wherever you happen to be. Even though the sling became less important as guns and other weapons became more available, slings are still used in Palestine and many other parts of the … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 6.4.14

Urban Survival: 8 Skills You Can’t Live Without By Bill White Much of what is written about survival assumes a wilderness survival situation. There are several advantages to trying to survive in the wild, mostly that of not having to worry about all the other people around you. On top of that, you have the availability of all the resources that nature provides for you. On the other hand, when trying to survive in an urban situation, you have the exact opposite; basically no natural resources as well as a lot of other people around you who are vying for … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday 5.28.14

Hey Folks; Hope you’ve enjoyed our previous posts and maybe even learned something along the way. Today I’m going to re-hash on “Bugging-Out. I know we’ve gone over this before but I want for you to understand that the first night out WILL be very uncomfortable IF you’re not prepared. Most folks, when making such plans, often look out their windows and base their decisions on current weather. DON’T DO THAT! It could be a fatal mistake. Always, always, always base your plans on the worst weather possible – 10 below, windy and rain that would scare Noah. In other … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday – 5.21.14

Off-grid Survival: How to Track Food in the Woods: Tracking animals and humans in the woods is an art form worth mastering for survival needs. Depending on what you are hunting, you must search from the ground to the tree tops looking for something that has been disturbed or out of place. It will take experience to learn the difference between natural disturbances such as wind or rain and the presence of an animal. For safer and more productive hunts you must also know your hunting area and check it over on a routine basis. In the aftermath of a … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Clothing

Welcome Again, Folks! Today’s topic of “Clothing” is going to be a rather short one as “Common Sense”, geographic locations, weather conditions and individual preferences will dictate your needs. You, alone, will have to decide what’s best for YOU. Extra socks, which also make good emergency mittens, and under-clothing, especially T-shirts, are recommended as they dry more easily should they get wet or need a wash. And pack a large bar of Ivory Brand soap with them, too. It’s a great cleaner and leaves no scent. Scented soaps attract insects – DON’T USE THEM. Maintaining your body heat at a … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday – 5.14.14

Hey Folks; It’s Wednesday again and here’s a little tidbit for you city dwellers. There’s no need to go without when the means are ABOVE your head and the information is IN IT. Knowing what can be done, yet going hungry, is the result of either incapacity or sheer foolishness. As always, please look for more information by checking out the videos listed at the end. Organic Rooftop Terrace Gardening The Incredible Self Watering Pop Bottle Garden Grow System! Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Shelter 5.11.14

Hey Folks and welcome to another edition of SHTF. Today I’m going to focus on “Shelter”. I know we’ve covered some of it and, to be honest, there’s not too much in the way of “finding it” that I can recommend. There are, however, a few things you should be wary of when on the run and choosing a place to stay. 1. Location – If you’re in the city, look for “out of the way” places with height. You want to be able to “survey your kingdom”. Higher ground gives you the advantage of prior warning should anyone aproach. … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Wednesday – 5.7.14

Hey Folks; It’s Wednesday again and I thought you’d enjoy watching a few videos on what you can do to keep your food, and yourself, warm and safe from marauding animals just looking for a quick “snack”. First rule of camping is NEVER – EVER store food where you sleep. You’ll be rudely awakened, or possible killed, if you do. As always, please look to the >>RIGHT>> of the YouTube page for more great information. Avoiding Problems while Camping in Grizzly Bear Country Here’s a few more, albeit a bit off-topic, for you to absorb… Tips for Backpack Camping in … Continue reading

“SHTF” Survival – Foods: Gathered & Grown

Hey Folks and welcome to today’s edition of “Foods: Gathered & Grown”. Once again, rather than write all this information down, and expect you folks to read and retain it, I’m going to simply present you with a few videos on each topic that I hope will both entertain and teach you some new skills. While none of these are difficult, some do require a bit of “paying attention to”…especially in “species recognition”. ~~~~~~ Foods: Gathered… I cannot stress how important it is that each of you GET A BOOK on the edible wild plants that pertain to your individual … Continue reading

SHTF Survival – Wednesday 4.30.2014

Hey Folks; Here’s a few tidbits to gnaw on while I work on this coming Sunday’s SHTF Survival – Foods: Gathered & Grown article. While we’ve covered several of the most critical needs, when faced with disaster, here’s another one that’s overlooked: “Lashing” and the sources, manufacture and uses thereof. Something, somewhere along the line is going to need tying. Whether it’s making a fishing net, a sling shot or braiding a snare line or making a fish trap from bark or reeds to lashing your TeePee or tying your tent poles together – you’ll need to know how to … Continue reading