WTF? WaPo Suddenly “Discovers” DNC Funded Fake Trump Russian Dossier

In a surprising turn of events, the Washington Post has just run a feature article announcing that Hillary’s 2016 campaign and the DNC funded the Fusion GPS investigation into Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia prior to his election.  Fusion GPS produced the “dossier” about Russky whores tinkling on hotel beds.  This dossier, obviously fake, was to be the basis for an ongoing DNC / Clinton campaign to impeach Trump and recapture Congress in 2018.   Anyone paying attention has known this story is 100% DNC crapola propaganda … but until this WaPo article appeared, Fusion GPS was a total non-story with … Continue reading

Time To Pay A Visit.

Yes, friends, it is Wednesday once more. In honor of our friend and colleague Mrs. A.L., it is time to see who the coniferous champion is this week. As usual, there were no shortage of candidates, but THIS one sums up perfectly what Mrs. A.L. told us about those who are dumber than pinecones. So, without further ado, let us see WHO is……. MRS. A.L.’S HUMPDAY PINECONE Our coniferous champion this week is one Charles Lane, Editorial Writer from the Washington Post, with THIS asininity regarding the prison break of two CONVICTED MURDERERS courtesy of Patrick Howley at The Daily … Continue reading

Liberal Lunacy, And Asshat Alert For May 12 2015

I sure wish I had seen this latest example of liberal leftist lunacy before Mother’s Day. Did you buy your Mom, or the mother of your children, flowers for Mother’s Day ? If so, then YOU, Bucko, are  an enemy of the environment, AND a plant-hater. I am NOT making this up. The lovely, and bat-shit crazy Jennifer Grayson, at the Washington lays the shit down. Good grief. Just when you think the left cannot POSSIBLY get worse….   Flowers may be nice for Mom, but they’re terrible for Mother Earth (Washington Post photo illustration/Based on iStock photos) By … Continue reading

Alternate Media. Doing What Mainstream Media REFUSES To Do

We always hear the loony left saying the mainstream media is fair, and unbiased. Unless, of course, the “news” item up for discussion does NOT fit their template. Then, it is just kicked to the curb. Ask Sen. Jim Inhofe. Here is his story, in his OWN words, from The Daily Setting The Terms Of Debate: Read This Senator’s Letter To The Editor The Washington Post Refused To Publish 4:52 PM 03/11/2015  By Sen James Inhofe, R-Ok     The Washington Post recently published an editorial attempting to discredit a recent speech I made on the U.S. Senate floor. … Continue reading

Like Your Steaks ?

If so, YOU must be a “climate hater”. After all, the Washington Post says so. Here is their latest in moonbattery. Story from   Crickets, its whats for dinner Posted on August 20, 2014   by Anthony Watts Mary Brown writes in WUWT Tips and Notes: No more steak for you earth hating skeptics. Time to learn to eat sustainable crickets… so says the Washington Post. Of course it mentions climate change. The article also says this… “The industry leapt forward following a 2013 United Nations report warning that with nine billion people on Earth in 2050, current food production … Continue reading

The Glorification Of Mediocrity.

. Some things are so unbelievably insane they have to speak for themselves. And they do~! Patrick Buchanan has the story.     Memo to Merkel: Tell Obama to Take a Hike     Tuesday – November 5, 2013 at 12:59 am By Patrick J. Buchanan Chutzpah. I believe that’s the word for it. Just days after learning the Americans have been tapping her phones and taping her conversations, Angela Merkel has been publicly upbraided by the U.S. Treasury for being a bad global citizen. What did she do to deserve this? Merkel just won a third term as chancellor … Continue reading

You Know It’s Bad. (Obamacare Version)

Looks like the loons at Salon are upset about other loons criticizing the BECS about the DISASTROUS Obamacare rollout. I love it when liberals are eating each other. From Infighting: Salon Rips Left-wing Media for ObamaCare Truth-Telling.   Sure hope that line all VOTED for the assmunch. Joan, stupid , vindictive,and UGLY is NO way to go through life, dearie.               by             John Nolte       22 Oct 2013, 11:55 AM PDT     Joan Walsh, of the extreme left-wing site Salon, lashed out at two fellow leftists for daring to tell the truth about the disastrous launch of ObamaCare. The … Continue reading