Illegals: Visa Overstays Exceed Illegal Border Crossings

An article in the 21 March 2017 issue of “Corruption Chronicles” from our allies at Judicial Watch highlights another aspect of the illegal immigrant problem, one that a border wall hardly solves: Focus on Border Wall as Visa Overstays Create Illegal Immigrant Crisis While the Trump administration focuses on securing the southern border, most illegal immigrants enter the United States legally and stay after their visa expires, a new study reveals. That’s because, incredibly, the U.S. doesn’t have an adequate system to assure the foreigners leave when they’re supposed to. This has been a serious problem for years and in … Continue reading

500K Visa Overstays Are Here from Terrorist Nations

From Breitbart: Nearly half a million foreigners overstayed their visas last year and thousands of them were from countries associated with terrorism, according to a new Department of Homeland Security report. The DHS data, mandated by Congress, revealed the extent to which foreign nationals who remained in the U.S. after their visas expired contributed to the illegal immigrant population last fiscal year — which ran from October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015. The analysis was limited to foreigners who came to the U.S. as visitors for business or pleasure via sea or air ports. It found that by the … Continue reading