Local Democrats Express Solidarity With Islamic Extremists in Wake of Election

by John Rossomando DECEMBER 6, 2016 7:52 AM Some Democratic politicians, eager to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and speak out against hate in the wake of the recent heated presidential election, have thrown their support behind some of the Islamic community’s most extreme elements. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and some local Democratic politicians from Northern Virginia, made this evident when they showed up at a Veterans Day event at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Dar al-Hijrah stands in infamy as the mosque attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers, and as the mosque where … Continue reading

Beretta won’t move to Virginia due to Terry McAuliffe’s gun-control agenda

By Emily Miller – The Washington Times Beretta has eliminated Virginia from its short list of states to move its company because anti-gun Democrat Terry McAuliffe was elected governor. The firearms manufacturer made the decision to scratch Virginia off the list after the McAuliffe campaign fixated on restricting gun owners’ rights after receiving over $1 million in campaign donations from billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. “The anti-gun ads that McAuliffe ran in northern Virginia were particularly offensive,” Jeff Reh, general counsel of Beretta USA, told me in an interview. “And the fact that he could gain a voting advantage … Continue reading

McAuliffe Already Making Moves on Gun Control in Virginia

From Townhall:   Terry McAuliffe won’t take his place as the Governor of Virginia until January, but he isn’t wasting any time when it comes to getting ahead on his anti-gun agenda. During the campaign, McAuliffe advocated for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines. Now, he’s hired Lori Haas, the Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence [CSGV], to help with his transition team. Haas’ daughter was shot during the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. More from the DC:  Despite claiming support for the Second Amendment, Haas’s appointment to this position to help assemble his … Continue reading

Note to Virginia: don’t get Corzined

I finally put my finger on who McAuliffe reminds me of – defunct fmr. NJ Governor, Jon Corzine. Not in looks but, in my opinion, if Virginia elected McAuliffe he would be just like a Corzine rewind. While it might have been excusable for New Jersey, it would be a fatal error for Virginia. Plus McAuliffe’s a big Clintonista on top, and a big DNC operative. (a three-for) So please, Virginia, don’t get Corzined… or Clintonized.

Don’t Detroit Virginia

Here’s an ad against Terry McAuliffe who is the Lefty hack running for Governor in Virginia. McAuliffe hasn’t held an elected office EVER.  He was BJ Clinton’s campaign manager and later head of the DNC.  The Demmerhoids desperately want control of Virginia hoping for a Hildabeast win in 2016. The election is next month.  Ken Cuccinelli is the Conservative running for Governor.  He’s a stand-up guy and a true conservative.  He is being outspent and slimed by the left in a big way.  Right now he is a few points behind McAuliffe.  Pray for Virginia. ~ Hardnox

The BASTARDS. Time To Make RINOS Extinct.

Break out a new pisstivity meter. The sonofabitch who calls himself The Speaker Of The House is at it AGAIN. What the hell will it take for the damnable GOP to wake the hell up?  From Breitbart.com.  Bastards.   Report: House GOP Leadership Plan Procedural Trick to Avoid Obamacare Funding Fight  You two bastards need to be sent to the DNC. You DAMN sure aren’t representing US. You two BASTARDS. Time to hunt’em down, and make’em EXTINCT.             by             Matthew Boyle     9 Sep 2013, 3:24 PM PDT Sources close to House conservative leaders have confirmed to Breitbart News that House GOP … Continue reading