“You’re a Sleaze” – Donald Trump Calls Out ABC News Reporter

At this morning’s press conference regarding the disbursed donations to veterans groups, Trump rightfully called out an ABC reporter as “a sleaze”.  Trump then invited Al Baldasaro, a retired Marine and New hampshire State Representative, to speak who then promptly ripped the media for the corrupt lying bastards that we all know they are. Well done Donald Trump! Well done Marine!   It made me stand up and cheer. It should be no small wonder why Trump’s popularity and support by everyday Americans keeps growing.  Americans want a fighter and someone who will call out the corrupt media. ~ Hardnox


As a veteran, I felt the impact of this wonderful video all the way to my core. I’m one of the lucky ones who can Stand,Salute, and Thank those who gave the last measure of themselves for God and Country, who sacrificed all without concern for themselves, but rather for those they served with and the nation they so willingly put it all on the line for!       GOD BLESS AMERICA in these troubled times and GOD BLESS and protect our warriors who are still fighting for us all. ~Terry    

Veterans of Los Angeles Homerun Win , VA Lost

      In this day and age when so much is bad news and veterans are getting largely ignored, sometimes it is good to see a story that warms the heart and legally slaps down the abuse by VA and big government. Looks are deceiving in this photo. Other photos are not nearly so flattering.           LA Times ran a short article September 1, 2011 mentioning that the federal Department of Veterans Affairs was ordering a bus company, a car rental firm and a laundry service to leave its sprawling West Los Angeles campus after … Continue reading

VA Helps FBI Take Guns From Veterans

The Daily Caller: Documents and interviews with American veterans reveal a shocking government program: The VA is disarming veterans by getting them placed on the FBI’s criminal background-check list. The VA sends veterans’ medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the ATF, which can seize their guns in home raids. Veterans deemed mentally incompetent or financially incapable are finally speaking out about the errors in the system and the fearful harassment they and their families face from the federal government. And it all starts when vets go to the VA for medical help. VA medical information is used to block veterans … Continue reading

“Freedom Was Never Free!”

By Blessed B Freedom was never “FREE“ Freedom isn’t free! Freedom is/has been bought and paid for by the men and women of our Armed Forces, who fought and sacrificed their lives. Our brave men and women battled for freedom so that all could have it.    “The only values really worth living for are those worth dying for.” ~ Canadian PM Harper.~   As Ronald Reagan so nicely phrased it … “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for … Continue reading

I Fought for You

I just ran across this video on Facebook and it is great; poignant and patriotic, it hit home with me. Like so many of us geezers, I can identify with the old vet who wants his grandchildren to know why they’re free. If you love this country and honor its veterans, you’ll appreciate this 4:15 reminder about why we are free and who we have to thank for it. Over 3.4 million views so far.

A Sunday Feel Good Story – Brian’s Alive

This is the story of Brian Kolfage, a triple-amputee as a result of being hit by an insurgent rocket. His is truly the com-back story to beat all stories. Here is his statement, written on 9-11-14, which toward the end is directed at the pResident, along with the video of his recovery. Sept. 11, 2001 is a day that unfortunately many Americans remember very vividly. It’s a day that thousands of Americans lost their lives to the hands of radical Islamists on U.S. soil. It is also a day that has affected me greatly.  Ten years ago today, on Sept. 11, 2004 I … Continue reading

Obama’s Cool Welcome from American Legion

  From Political Insider: How Obama’s Speech to the American Legion Shows He Doesn’t Understand Military Culture President Obama spoke to the American Legion National Convention in Charlotte yesterday, and the audience of vets was not impressed. Obama is used to appearing in front of vapid, adoring crowds so he was really out of his element speaking to serious men and women who have lived in the real world and made real sacrifices for our country. The Daily Mail reports, “Most of the veterans sat on their hands, leaving awkward silences where White House speechwriters expected ovations.” Who could blame them … Continue reading

What’s In the New $17 Billion VA Bill

From The Hill: House and Senate negotiators have agreed to a $17 billion bill meant to reform the Veterans Affairs Department, setting up a scramble this week to send the legislation to President Obama’s desk. The new bill would provide $10 billion for veterans to seek private care at hospitals and clinics outside the VA, and $5 billion to allow the department to hire more doctors, nurses and medical staff. Another $1.5 billion could be spent on leases to use other medical facilities at 27 sites around the country. The compromise would also make it easier for a new Veterans … Continue reading

You Can Tell It’s Election Season.

Looks as if there are a few democrat Senators who are in deep hoo-hoo over the V.A. scandal. While this article is good, it doesn’t go far enough. ALL democrat Senators, Congcritters, and the BECS himself should resign. I know. I know. The chance of THAT happening are about as great as me growing to 6′ tall. THAT ain’t happening  either. This comes to us from Breitbart.com     Seven Vulnerable Senate Democrats Call for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s Resignation   by Charlie Spiering 29 May 2014,   Seven vulnerable Democrats are now calling for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki’s … Continue reading

A Day Of Remembrance.

Today we celebrate Memorial Day.           To many, it means a day off work. To a LOT of merchants, an occasion for a discount sale. For others, it is picnics with friends and families. Which is all fine and good, but today, I choose to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, sometimes for a good purpose, such as liberating peoples from an oppressive regime. I especially honor those who lost their lives fighting a battle which the motives are the wet dreams of political hacks, or well-monied interests. These brave soldiers were placed into a … Continue reading

Angry Veteran on Second Amendment

Crank up your volume and listen to this Veteran’s rant on the second amendment. He says what we’ve been saying. We need him addressing Congress. Kudos to you sir, and thank you for your service ~Kathy

Wild Bill: No Confidence Vote

Here is Bill talking about Major General Paul Vallely (ret) and his mission to bring a “No Confidence Vote” to the forefront of American politics. Below is from General Vallely’s website:   Stand Up America The “Uber-Presidency” – Time for a ‘Vote of No Confidence’, Time for a ‘Recall’ By Paul E. Vallely (Major General, US Army, ret.) Clearly America has lost confidence and no longer trusts those in power at a most critical time in our history. It is true that not all who ply the halls of power fit under that broad brush, but most of them are … Continue reading

Democrats. Self-Proclaimed “Friend Of The Little Guy” Last Part.

In this short series, I have attempted to shine the light of TRUTH on the myth, promulgated by the democrats, and their willing accomplices of the mainstream media, of their “concern” for the “little people”.   THIS sums up the modern-day democrats PERFECTLY. So does THIS.   With friends like THESE, we don’t NEED enemies. In Part One, here, I covered Obamacare, and the ridiculous costs of most forms of energy. In Part Two, here, I covered the democrats asininity on manipulating the housing markets, and the scam of alternative energy, and it’s effect on costs. In Part Three, here, … Continue reading

Ahhh…Yes. Those KIND, GENEROUS Liberals.

Or, maybe NOT. THE most ODIOUS of ALL the communistic liberal loon Hollyweird leftists has a “Charitable Foundation.” Take a guess how much this BITCH’S “charitable foundation” gave in the last 5 years. From The Smoking Gun.com via Breitbart.com Report: Jane Fonda’s Foundation Hasn’t Given One Penny to Charity in Five Years. THIS is what a communist SLUT looks like. Anyone remember THIS ?? Or with THIS haughty asshole ?             by             Breitbart News                  12 Dec 2013, 10:12 AM PDT Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most liberal stars, runs a charity that hasn’t donated a penny to good causes over the … Continue reading

Differing Views on Thanksgiving

These two people are, without a doubt, the most disgusting people to have ever drawn a breath of air, and living in OUR White House makes it all the worse. On the other hand, Dennis Michael Lynch deserves huge kudos for the work he does with our Veterans. In case you’re unfamiliar with him, he has been an entrepreneur since the age 18, and operated an array of businesses and employed over a thousand people.  He is the Founder of TV360 Media; who produce and distribute digital videos and films. And feeds Thanksgiving dinner to hungry Vets. You can learn more about … Continue reading

Veterans’ Day 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL who have put on our nation’s military uniforms in service to the country. To those who served, are serving, and especially those who paid the ultimate price to protect, and defend us. We owe you and your families an enormous debt, that can probably never be repaid.   THANK  YOU. THANK YOU. THANK  YOU. THANK  YOU. THANK  YOU. Hang in there, guys and gals. We ARE trying to get you ADULT, COMPETENT leadership. ~ Clyde  


For my Veteran Brothers, of All Branches, Everywhere, and Everywhen!! . I AM A VETERAN   I am that pimply faced kid down the street, stumbling over my own feet on the smooth sidewalk. I am the kid in the backfield on the High School football team. I am the file clerk, working in the back room, in the mail room, on the phone trying to soothe the temper of an upset customer. I am the young person, trying to sell a home, an insurance policy, or putting the roof on your home. I am your brother, your sister, your … Continue reading

Occupiers accepted…Vets’ 1st amendment repealed on Mall

Gowdy questions NPS Director on Barricading Monuments Congressman Gowdy’s questions to National Park Service Director Jarvis at the Wednesday, October 16th, House Oversight and Government Reform and House Natural Resources Committees joint hearing entitled, “As Difficult As Possible: The National Park Service’s Implementation of the Government Shutdown.” No answers as usual. ~ Bullright