Ambassador Haley speaks about difficult choices at UN

Ambassador Nikki Haley remarks to UN on Middle East. Feb 20, 2018. UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East.     In case you didn’t hear Ambassador Haley’s latest UN speech… Ambassador Haley is one gutsy lady. She appears fearless in the face of so much testosterone. She also represents us with the courage and the grit that the US has been lacking for so many years. –Uriel–

Palestinians Say Trump’s Cuts Will Starve Them

As shouts of “the US owes us” and effigies of Trump and others are brutalized and burned…. Ambassador Haley breaks the news to the UN about reducing payments to Palestine. Needless to say there were angry looks and words. What everyone seems to completely gloss over is that Israel made all of the right moves from the time they were first acknowledged in 1947 as a legitimate country.  They established a stable government. They set up infrastructure, laws, military protection, and helped business grow in order to prosper. However, even though Palestinians were given a chance to establish their own … Continue reading