Global Warming Insanity For July 1 2015

Over the past few months, I have prattled on about the insanity of the left as it regards the non-issue of  global warming. We have seen the left pillory EVERYTHING as capable of destroying the planet. For ONCE, a Hollyweirder  has come out, and kept the hysteria simple. Robert Redford has taken it on himself to exhort the U-frigging-N, of ALL organizations, to “save the planet” before it is too late. Pam Key at fills us in.   Robert Redford: Moderate Weather ‘Going Extinct,’ December ‘May Be Our Last Chance’ by Pam Key  29 Jun 2015 Monday at the … Continue reading

Fire Up The Dozers For Jun 25 2015

When you see this headline, you know the U-frigging-N has reared it’s corrupt, ugly head again. This thing is worse than Ghidorah, the three-headed monster of myth. If there ever was a reason for nuking Turtle Bay, this bunch of morons’ treatment of the LEGITIMATE state of Israel is a sure fire qualifier. Claudia Rosett from P.J. has the latest lie-fest from the fools.   Unbelievable: Is UN Report on 2014 Israel-Gaza War Actually Excusing Hamas Use of Human Shields? The UN has given terrorists worldwide a field guide on how to use human shields for propaganda in the future. … Continue reading