“Good Luck With That” – Obama Slams Trump’s Plan To Pay For Border Wall

Frankly, what would be wrong with a 4% tax on Western Union money transfers to Mexico?  Currently, Mexicans (legal & illegal) send about $25 billion a year to Mexico. Batears is WRONG. It would be a simple process.    A 4% tax ( a cool billion a year) would be a piece of cake to levy.  It’s obviously too simple a plan for King Putt to understand. ~ Hardnox

Blaming the Trump Wall, Immigrants Swarm the Border

From The Daily Wire: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump launched himself into the political sphere on the back of his immigration policy proposals, primarily building a wall that Mexico will pay for that is so big and beautiful it will make your head spin. It would seem that those across our southern border have been paying attention to Trump’s rise and rhetoric as well, and acting accordingly. Reuters reports that there has been a massive “spike in the numbers of migrants trying to enter the country, including children traveling without guardians.” U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data shows 150,304 migrants were … Continue reading