Why Donald Trump rallies are becoming massive events

From the clueless talking heads at FOX: They have it wrong… Americans are pissed… and we can’t take the treachery anymore. We’ve been lied to for decades, voting every two years hoping to affect change only to be disppointed over and over again.  Enter Trump who says what Americans say to each other day in and day out. Americans aren’t stupid by a long shot.  We’re just tired of the bullshit. If it takes Trump to be the bull in the China closet and wreck the status quo then so be it.  The system hasn’t worked for average Americans for a … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich’s Take on Hillary and Trump

Newt Gingrich talks to FOX News’ Greta van Susteren about the affect of Hillary Clinton’s private server controversy on her campaign for the presidency.  He predicts the former Secretary of State will not be the Democratic nominee and that Republicans “should worry” about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders instead. Gingrich said he wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Bloomberg, Jerry Brown or Elizabeth Warren jump in the race if it looks like Hillary Clinton will implode.  “If Hillary starts to implode you will see a vacuum that you have not seen in many, many years,” he said. Gingrich suggested current Secretary of State … Continue reading

Donald Trump Gives Q&A Upon Arrival At Iowa State Fair

This is pretty good.  Trump touches on a number of topics from campaign contributions, our debt, foreign relations, his business, veterans, polls, and others.  Afterwards he gives kids a ride in his helicopter. Plain speaking is Trump’s greatest asset.  Is it any surprise that Americans are liking this man? In my travels I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t approve of his message whether they are men, women, white, black, hispanic, asian, democrat, or republican.  The only negative I hear is “I hope he’s not bullshitting us”.  Me too. Many will opine that he doesn’t have the Conservative credentials … Continue reading

Donald Trump News Conference in Michigan

This is the video from last night’s press conference held prior to the sold out event. Love him or hate him, I wish all our candidates spoke this way.  Plain, simple, and direct. I’ll be anxiously awaiting his firm plans on what his ideas are instead of opaque answers “I’ll be great”. If he doesn’t do so soon he’ll be simply “all hat, no cattle”. ~ Hardnox

Bias Bash: Trump Leaves Media at a Loss

The professional pundits, the consultant class, the media are wrong.  I’d say so… What the ladies dismiss is that batears had the thinnest of thin resumes with absolutely no job experience of any kind much less any leadership skills or executive skills, yet won anyway. Ditto with Hillary who has none of that experience either.  Her only accomplishments have been to be married to Bill Clinton, carpetbag a Senate seat in New York and have no worthy Senate record, then got a door prize as Secretary of State for stepping aside when Obama steamrolled her presidential bid.  Her tenure as … Continue reading

Lefty & Rino Heads Explode

Despite a full throated effort by both the left and the republican establishment to disparage Donald Trump for his comments about Senator John McCain he has urged in the polls. His favorability is about 2:1 over his closest rivals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a Trump apologist or a groupie but I can’t help but notice that Americans in all income brackets or social status are rallying behind Donald Trump.  It’s amazing and at the same time refreshing.  The media is trying their damnest to whitewash it.  Go read the blogs or the comments at media outlets.  The … Continue reading

Why Trump is Winning

By Daniel Greenfield As the long slow race to beat Hillary drags on, there will be a thousand conservative stories and blog posts demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is a hypocrite, that he supported illegal immigrants, Hillary, abortion and higher taxes. And few of them will leave our small bubble. Trump may indeed be a liar and a hypocrite, though he wouldn’t be the only candidate in the race who has moved to the right or abandoned previous positions, but he understands what the others don’t. The Republican field is a mass of highly qualified … Continue reading

Polls show ‘President Trump’ may not be so far-fetched

From the New York Post: WASHINGTON — Republicans who started off viewing Donald Trump as an amusing sideshow are starting to fret that the real estate billionaire is becoming the main event. Since he defied skeptics and launched his presidential bid last month, Trump has rocketed in the polls, dominated media coverage and helped steer the debate on issues. “I don’t know that he even knows how far he takes this,” former Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R-NY), who is close to GOP candidate and ex-Gov. George Pataki, told The Post. “He has the wherewithal . . . He has put together a pretty … Continue reading

Donald Trump Discusses Presidential Run With Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

On June 29th Trump did an interview with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune.  He discusses his campaign rollout, illegals, ISIS, the Iran nuke negotiations, and the economy among others. Do yourself a favor and watch at least the first 10 minutes.  Classic Trump. I didn’t know ISIS is building a Hotel In Syria, did you? I hadn’t planned on listening to the whole thing but am glad I did.  He gets it.  I enjoy his candor and unscripted responses. ~ Hardnox