Critics Call Trump’s ‘America first’ Policy Too Isolationist

Former deputy commanding general of U.S. forces in Afghanistan weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’. The general is spot on in my opinion.  What is wrong with demanding that our allies “cowboy up” when it comes to their own defense?  To me that’s common sense and fiscally responsible. I’d also like to see the next president diminish our role in the United Nations and to reset the United Nations back to their original charter. ~ Hardnox

Bad News for Rubio and Kasich – Florida & Ohio

From Breitbart: Two pollsters looked at two crucial states and delivered only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. The GOP Establishment’s stated goal is to stop Trump from winning the number of delegates necessary to outright claim the Republican presidential nomination. The idea is to then go to a brokered convention where Party delegates get to choose whomever they like. In order to do that, Trump must first lose the winner-take-all-states of Ohio and Florida. With just six days to go, these polls show Trump leading in both. Florida – According to Quinnipiac, despite 10 days of facing down the … Continue reading

Free Trump Tattoos Aren’t For the Undecided

A New Hampshire tattoo artist is offering to ink Donald Trump’s slogan or his likeness on people’s bodies for free. Politically, what’s going on beneath the surface? What’s important to recognize with Trump’s appeal to regular people is that a great many people believe Trump to be like them despite him being a billionaire. Let’s face it, “Make America Great Again” is a great slogan. I like it that people are engaging in the election process that have never participated before because they didn’t believe their votes counted. We live in interesting times. ~ Hardnox  

Although I Love Donald Trump, I’ll Be Voting For Ted Cruz

From Flopping Aces: I love Donald Trump. For all of his faults, he has done this nation an extraordinary service that it seems no other politician has been able to do for a quarter century. He put the single, most important issue facing our nation at the top of the heap in terms of what voters are concerned with: Immigration. Illegal immigration is literally undermining our nation, and without control of our borders there is simply no way our country will survive as a constitutional republic. That love, I suppose, is really more appreciation. While I thank Trump to the … Continue reading

Imam Forced To Resign After Supporting Trump’s Muslim Ban

Dr. Nidal Alsayyed, Imam of the Islamic Society of Triplex, was forced to resign after supporting Trump’s plan to suspend muslims from entering the country until the authorities can improve or repair the vetting process of would be immigrants.  Alsayyed confirms that there are radical cells within the USA. As we might expect, the imam received a number of death threats for stating the truth.  So much for “moderate” muslims speaking out against the islamists. Meanwhile, it has been reported that ISIS has managed to secure Syrian passport machines for the express purpose of issuing passports to the so called … Continue reading

Support Rises For Trump Despite Call To Ban Muslim

Establishment and Lefty heads are exploding. Well yeah, Trump is running as an anti-establishment candidate which is why people are supporting him.  Regular people do in fact possess common sense despite what the ruling class thinks of them. Memo to establishment hacks:  people are tired of your shit. ~ Hardnox

Trump: Block all Muslims from coming to US

OK, there are a few things that Trump said that are outlandish and violate the Constitution.  However, how do his statements not make sense given that our government’s first responsibility is our national security and the safety of our citizens? Secondly, immigration policy shouldn’t be about improving the immigrant’s life, it’s about improving the fabric of America.  That was the standard for decades until the left twisted our immigration policies into a mechanism to increase their voting base and the hell with America. Common sense tells us to stop allowing unvetted people from coming to our shores. Kudos to Trump … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Trumpnado

Here’s the latest entertaining episode from Joe Dan. “It worked against Bush, it worked against Sarah Palin but it ain’t working against Donald Trump. And the establishment, including the media appears to be having a nervous breakdown. For six months now— everything they hit Trump with…just makes him stronger. And Trump is showing why his track-record of success is second to none. He’s blowing the competition away… Even if you are skeptical of polls, like me— look at the crowds he’s pulling. In the meantime, journalists, pundits and GOP consultants alike, have all been reduced to name-calling…  Trump is a liar, a racist, a … Continue reading

Heads To Explode – Trump set to announce endorsement of 100 black religious leaders

From the Washington Examiner: Donald Trump will soon be endorsed by a coalition of 100 African-American pastors and evangelical leaders, his campaign announced Wednesday. The Republican presidential hopeful, who claims to have a “great relationship with the blacks,” will formally announce the coalition’s support in New York City Monday during a press conference at Trump Tower. Trump’s campaign has yet to reveal the names of any of the individuals endorsing him, but says the candidate has scheduled a private meeting with the pastors and religious leaders ahead of his presser at 1 p.m. ET Monday. Earlier this week, Trump was … Continue reading

Trump’s Trump

From American Thinker:  By G. Murphy Donovan Donald Trump is a piece of work even by New York standards: tall, white, loud, brash, entrepreneurial, successful, rich, ruthlessly candid, well-dressed, and fond of heterosexual women. He has married at least three delicious ladies in fact. Trump has five children and seven grandchildren. Indeed, his progeny are well above average too, smartly groomed, photogenic, and successful to boot. As far as we know, Donald does not have any tattoos, piercings, unpaid taxes, or under-aged bimbo interns. He is not a drunk or a junkie either. Trump projects and enterprises probably employ more … Continue reading

Trump Tells Establishment to Pound Sand Over “Muslim” Comment

Last Thursday at a rally in New Hampshire an attendee asked a question to Trump about Obama being a muslim, his birth certificate, and about the terrorist training camps around the county.  Trump basically didn’t answer the questions but responded that “we’ll be looking into that” and then moved on to a different question. What followed was a manufactured crapstorm from the media, from the establishment left, and GOPe vilifying Trump for not correcting the man and for not defending Obama. Here’s Trump’s response: The absurdity of the left, the media, and even the weenies in the GOP for defending … Continue reading