So Just Who IS Paul Singer?

Paul Singer has been fingered (love that term) as the Daddy Warbucks behind Fusion GPS’s efforts to taint candidate Donald Trump.  Who is Mr. Singer?  Short answer:  A vulture capitalist member of the globalist elite, albeit not as well-known as many.  Singer made his fortune wheeling and dealing in “distressed debt”, buying sub-par financial obligations, repackaging them, and auctioning them to the highest bidder.  Can anyone say “sub-prime mortgage crisis”?  Singer does in the debt market what guys like Victor Posner does in the hard asset market (Posner buys flailing corporations, strips their physical assets, auctions them off, and pink-slips … Continue reading

From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Nov 6 2014

If Tuesday’s shellacking of the leftist machine wasn’t enough, THIS stupid bastard wasted a small FORTUNE trying to buy what the democrats could not steal. I always love seeing the old adage of  “A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted”. Story from Wynton Hall at   Democrat Billionaire Tom Steyer May Have Blown $74 Million on Elections By Wynton Hall 4 Nov 2014     Democrat hedge fund billionaire and global warming activist Tom Steyer spent $74 million on Tuesday’s midterm elections, making him this election season’s single-largest donor. Almost $67 million of Steyer’s campaign war chest was … Continue reading

Different Year, Same Old Worn Out Democrat Tactics.

As proof the democrats are super-glued on stupid even tighter than the GOPe is, we see this. The top donkey “braintrust” is running ads claiming ALL Republicans are “owned” by the Koch Brothers. The asshats seem to forget THEY are owned by a uber-wealthy, freedom hating capitalist who, unlike the Kochs, made HIS billions by manipulating currency markets. Amazing the hypocrisy, but, it IS all the democrats have this election season. Story from Bloomberg News, via     Democrats Try to Link US Job Losses to the Kochs Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014 11:08 AM   Bloomberg News Staff The … Continue reading