The $80,000 Yugo, Financed By Us Maggot Taxpayers

Four point nine billion dollars up front to Elon Musk for his Tesla companies … plus a $7,500 federal income tax credit and a $2,500 rebate to each and every buyer of the Tesla Model S automobile sold in the USA.  Set aside for a moment what we maggot taxpayers get in return and consider just what the virtue-signalling, eco-warrior purchasers of the Model S themselves get for $80,000:  An unreliable vehicle with the fit and finish of a 1970s Chevy.  A jackwagon for “special” people to be seen in (when it’s actually running.)  Golly gee, with deals like this … Continue reading

Something From The “BWAHAHAHAHAHA” File.

Normally, I don’t do anything concerning the assholes who comprise the majority of Hollyweird, but could not pass this one up. Sometimes, George, you asshole, being a “trend-setter” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it? From The Daily George Clooney wasn’t happy with his Tesla. 4:33 PM  11/11/2013  by Grae Stafford About all you need to know. Discussing what they’re going to do at Man’s Country, I’m sure. Here is the hypocrite asshole in his short-lived bromance with a Tesla. Pretty bad when a moonbat such as THIS one is blasting something politically correct, and “green”.   … Continue reading