Clinton Scandal in Technology Field and Russian Money

The depth and scope of the Clinton’s and their foundation reach into so many financial sectors is mind-boggling. It seems wherever those two visited or gave speeches requires careful study of motive and manipulation. Take for instance their connection to Russia. While Hillary and the Dems seem daily to place a shadow over Trump and his connections to Putin or business in Russia, it is in fact Hillary who has the most to hide starting during the Clinton presidency and definitely during her tenure as Secretary of State. If one knows where to look and has the resources and time, … Continue reading

Chants of $15 an Hour Meet 3CPO and R2D2

Can anyone say R2D2 and 3CPO to the rescue of businesses? It always amazes me when people chant and demand more and more …   Sometimes Economics bites!   One major chain has had enough.  If first time employees and people earning extra money won’t take a reasonable pay for work—if those employees can’t be trusted to serve with a smile and follow company rules — then replace them!  Paying $35,000 for a robot is certainly cheaper than all of the headaches of payroll and dealing with smart alecks who can’t be bothered to do a descent job reliably.  Students and … Continue reading

Computer Formulas Making Decisions in Your Life

I came across the following article about algorithms and how they affect us on a daily basis.  It lists several different articles to consider.  Mathematics (algorithms) run every program we use from budget, banking, police work to retail sales.  They are mathematically unbiased.  However, those who produce the algorithms are not.  In many cases such as our credit scores, these algorithms are complicated and often not made transparent so people have little or no idea just what or how they affect us.  Knowing who, what, why, and inclusive material can mean the difference between getting a loan, buying products, being … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — July 5, 2015

. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller, July 12, 1895 — July 01, 1983   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~      

Quote Of The Day — September 14, 2013

. The hippies are the living demonstration of what it means to give up reason, and to rely on one’s primeval instincts, urges, intuitions, and whims. With such tools, they are unable to grasp even what is needed to satisfy their wishes; for example, the wish to have a festival. Where would they be without the charity of the local “squares” who fed them? Where would they be without the fifty doctors rushed from New York to save their lives? Without the automobiles that brought them to the festival? Without the soda pop and beer they substituted for water? Without … Continue reading