Once again my friend vor sent me a little email …thought I’d share for your enjoyment also…Tee Hee! ~BB~ By vor President Trump has just started to wash and wipe every trace of Barry the Traitor off America. Do you remember when Barry the Traitor bragged about America being a little browner — a little more chitstained now? Well a little soap, a little water, some elbow grease, and a little bleach on stubborn stains, and — we get the brown out which is part of what our 45th President promised Americans. I do feel sorry a bit for the … Continue reading

Look, Up In The Sky…..

Following the  success of a “Super Trump” digital billboard, a “Super Trump II” will play next week on a 55-foot digital billboard in Times Square. In the “Super Trump II” animated billboard, Donald Trump flies through the air to plant the American flag on the front lawn of the White House. The message is “Let’s Trump the Terrorists.” The newest “Super Trump II” animation plays for 15 seconds, with repeated showings approximately every two minutes.   SAVE US SUPER DONALD !! ~Terry