#Impeach Trump Day of Action. Grab Your Popcorn.

Tune in on Saturday, June 15, for #ImpeachTrump: An Act to Defend Democracy, a national day of local action to demand an inquiry into the impeachment of Donald Trump! THE MISSION Donald Trump’s abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment. Search and RSVP for the event you will attend or create one if none exist near you! Events will be visible, family-friendly, public gatherings to demonstrate to our representatives that impeachment is the will … Continue reading

Joe and Barry, Sittin’ In A Tree….

…This Is Quite Sickening Even For Me ! It was a little known fact that Saturday was ‘National Best Friend Day’ in the United States ( I guess I don’t have any ’cause nobody called me 🙁 ) and former vice president of vice ‘Slow’ Joe Biden took to social media to share a better known fact that he considers Obama his bestest friend. Below is a friendship bracelet Obama made for him in 2016 while they were still in office — the bracelets were part of a schmarmy get-out-the-vote video. And if you think the bracelet is cute, here is our former POtuS … Continue reading

Tweet Of The Week

Hitlery Rotten Clinton and her donkey Chelsea are reportedly in the early stages of forming a company which would create films and other projects that would “influence culture and society.”   Hilly The Hun and her Mini-Me have been in discussions with studios which would be given the opportunity to finance and release the programs that will feature “stories by and about women” . They have already been approached with a project offer, though it’s a sure bet they will pass on the idea suggested by a blast from HildeBeast’s past : Yeah….that will likely be a big NO. But, perhaps this … Continue reading

Get A Clue Mayor de Blahblah

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first interview as a presidential candidate was spoiled by his constituents, who have suffered under his failed and idiotic ‘leadership’. Since the clown car of Democratic hopefuls is jam-packed, de Blasio needed to stand out from his competition during his first media appearance on “Good Morning America” with host George Stepinpooalot …Staphylococcus ….Stephanopoulos. But protesters — people who have experienced de Blasio’s policies firsthand — chanted “Liar!” outside the studio. The muffled chants could be heard inside the studio, and was brushed aside by the worst mayor in the history of NYC, uttering a simple comment … Continue reading

Biden 2020 ! ( snicker )

A hilarious parody website for the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden appears before his official 2020 website on Google search results. If you search “Joe Biden” on Google, his official campaign website is buried within Google’s search results, and searching “Joe Biden website” will lead you to a parody website that seems like an official website at first glance. GET BEHIND UNCA’ JOE !! Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems! Joe Biden has a good feel for the American people and knows exactly what they really want deep down. … Continue reading

AOC Goes Hi-Tech

To be honest , when I heard AOC made a video about her fascination with garbage disposals, I thought it was just another joke parody on her Oh-so-easy to joke about lack of IQ. I reasoned with myself that YES, she is that stupid, but she DID assemble an IKEA table once, presumably by herself , all while eating popcorn and sipping wine ! So I researched it . And….IT WAS TRUE ! My further research discovered there was much more to that expedition of discovery for Ms Occasionally-Cognizant…..things that her handlers attempted to keep from the American People. We … Continue reading

Tales From The Leftside : Beto, Pedo, Boobs and Wienies

The new-candidate smell has officially faded from Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.If his ‘rallies’ get any smaller than the crowd he drew at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas on Friday, you could host them in a unisex campus restroom. I don’t get it. He looks like a Kennedy He has AOC’s teeth He can ride a skateboard He has parents convicted of crimes He could not find the USA on a map He was born in the USA He has no idea He eats dirt…And he shares it with his family. He uses 2 ethnic names..depending on the crowd he panders to. He could be … Continue reading

aoc jr.

Even an 8-year-old can understand that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a complete idiot : Spot on young lady ! But we must remember there was an adult who wrote the script — just like the “real” AOC who was recruited to play the role of a congresswoman and won . So now, despite lacking any preparation or understanding of the process, she IS a Congresswoman. BEST SCENARIO : She will, after being primaried or just voted out, go to Hollywood where her minimal talents will most likely channel her into the world of pornography and she will disappear from … Continue reading

Chuck Norris……

Chuck Norris doesn’t need a watch….he decides what time it is. Chuck Norris threw a grenade once that killed 43 people…then it exploded.Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun.Chuck Norris can lift a chair with one hand – while he’s sitting in it.Chuck Norris puts the ‘laughter’ in ‘manslaughter’.Chuck Norris counted to infinity – twice.Chuck Norris once ran a marathon because it was on the way.Chuck Norris can ski uphill.When Chuck Norris gives you the finger, he’s telling you how many seconds you have left to live.Chuck Norris once went to Mars. That’s why there are no signs … Continue reading

Liz Warren Granted A Tepee Of Her Own

Finally, Princess Minibwahaha has found a home. Founded after they were rejected in 2000 by existing Native American tribes for not meeting bloodline requirements, the “Una Nation” doesn’t have a high bar for membership. A member only needs one ancestor who was Native American or an indigenous person. Her transition, from a 1/1024 Native American, to a 100 % member of a 100% made-up tribe is official, so says an apparently 100 % either L, G, B, Q, or T. fake tribal ‘King’ and founder Richard B. Lake III, as proclaimed in his “Certificate of Tribal Enrollment” signed by “[His Majesty] … Continue reading

Tweet of The Week

Sponsored by….. OR, as Billy Joel might put it….. MAGA hat Nigerians Cow farting super trains Liawatha Cherokee Communist block #HeelsUp senator KKK governor Spartacus going to war I can’t take it anymore We didn’t start the fire……… Democratic Party…..The gift that keeps on giving . If you missed out on any of the stories that brought about Mr. Woods awesome tweet, you can catch up on them HERE ~Terry

Hitler Is Dead, So Financial Times Names George Soros “Person Of The Year”

Yeah, I know the Financial Times (FT) is a left-leaning globalist propaganda organ.  But their recent pick of George Soros, the “man who broke the Bank of England”, as Person Of The Year is a telling sign of just how deep and wide runs the progressive hatred of leaders like Donald Trump and Viktor Orban.  The FT editors apparently like the idea of a borderless world and equal poverty for all — because that’s sooo superior to individualism and the unequal distribution of wealth that exists in free-market, capitalist, meritocratic societies. Many progressives, as we’ve seen in the climate and … Continue reading

TFP Student Action: Two Minutes of Science to Shut Down Transgender Crapola

TFP Student Action is a campus outreach of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property which has been active on American college campuses since 1973.  Their mission can be accurately deduced from their name.  If you are in need of a  concise rebuttal to snowflakes claiming gender confusion, try this.  WARNING:  Video contains actual scientific claims.  May be hazardous to the self-esteem of certain millennials.   https://www.tfpstudentaction.org/about   Posted by SafeSpace (a pseudonym similar to those often cited by MSM reporters and Democrat politicians as “reliable sources”)  

‘Happy Holidays’ vs ‘ Merry Christmas !’

  The Difference Between Saying ….         And saying ….     …. Is Pretty Clear !     ~Terry

Guest Post: Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for the Press

This yuugely satisfying story was sent to Hardnox by loyal reader felinity: Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party For The Press Deck the White House halls with Kleenex Wah wah wah wah wah Wah wah wah WAHHH!   WAHH… no free White House booze and food! All the ghastly howling you’re starting to hear is from our collective press corps as they respond to the  POTUS announcement that he has cancelled the decades-long tradition of  hosting a press corps Christmas party. The  news has made our day in Joe-ja — the decision makes BIGLY sense!  Why SHOULD the White House … Continue reading

Baby ( I don’t care if ) It’s Cold Outside

I hope you whiny lefties will be happy now. Take it and stuff it in your “Season’s Greetings” stocking !   Next Up : Lawsuits from #MeToo charging “cruel and unusual actions” ! Good Grief #RacistCharlieBrown ! ~Terry

The Words ‘Obama’ and ‘Moral’ Are Oxymorons

If you can stomach for 3:47 minutes looking at, and listening to, the most hideous FLOTUS to ever darken the halls of Our White House , please do so. It is imperative to reading the article that follows the video. yeah…I know Hillary was there too. It’s a real tough call. Sorry you had to watch that, but the following op-ed will be more entertaining for you having done so. Take a few minutes to clean the vomit from your surroundings, and then proceed. It is written by Veronika Kyrylenko, a PhD from Odessa National University, who is a research associate at … Continue reading

AO-C : Windmills Will Bring Us Together

At Monday’s “Solving Our Climate Crisis, a National Town Hall”, hosted by none other than Senior Socialist Sen.Bernie Sanders,  the Jr. Socialist, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on the bill. There was at least a fighting chance that she was going to give us a profoundly stupid soundbite. The notoriously stupid Occasionally Coherent – Cortez certainly didn’t disappoint, saying that renewable energy would finally bring “racial justice” to America. Yep. I started the video at the point where Bernie asks for her words of wisdom. That takes just a couple of minutes before they move on to the next moron, Van Jones. The entire “Crisis !!!” video is about … Continue reading