Jamiel Shaw Sr speaks out as a voice for victims of illegals and futures lost

Fox News: Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant, discusses his experience of being a guest at President Trump’s congressional address. March 1, 2018       Mr. Shaw is a grieving father. Frankly I admire him for standing up through his pain and trying to get justice. I doubt I would have been so willing to push the pain aside. There is not a single father or mother who loves their children that can not relate to the pain, anger, and determination to achieve justice that Jamiel Shaw Sr. is talking about here. It is the injustice … Continue reading

Special Guests at the SOTU Address

Since the days of Ronald Reagan it’s become a tradition to have special guests seated with the First Lady and some of the Congressmen have followed suit by inviting guests of their own. It defies logic that a person would feel honored to receive an invitation to listen to O babble on for an hour or more spewing out his well planned fabrications, but they attend nonetheless. This year Moochie’s guests are Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, the two guys pictured in the widely circulated photo after the Boston Marathon Bombing. There was much speculation as to the use of ‘disaster actors’ … Continue reading