“Lyin’ Of The Senate” Invited USSR To Interfere With 1988 US Presidential Election

…. But of course that was okay because Senator Ted Kennedy was a Democrat.  The swamp’s takedown of Michael Flynn, as well as all the MSM crapola about Russian “election hacking”, brought to mind a truly egregious example of attempted interference with the US Presidential election process that occurred during the run-up to Ronald Reagan’s re-election in 1984.  Ted “Troll Of Chappaquiddick” Kennedy dispatched then-Senator John Tunney (D, Cal) to go to Moscow and meet with KGB officials, with the express intent of launching a pro-Communist publicity campaign in the US media, a campaign designed to counter that “dangerous cowboy” … Continue reading

“You Can’t Fix Moocher Stupid~!”

From the most recent issue of Eagle Rising comes this grand enlightening tidbit. Obamacare Fans Get Sticker Shock By Onan Coca / 9 October 2013 I’m not sure if this story should make me laugh or cry. On the one hand, it is so much fun watching Obamazombies wake up to the reality that their beloved “Leader” is so full of manure that he could provide the compost for an organic farm all by himself. On the other hand, it terrifies me to think that they could realize they’ve been lied to, they’ve been conned, they’ve been abused by the … Continue reading