The Single Biggest Obstacle To Implementation Of Trump’s Agenda

…. is Mitch McConnell.  Ol’ Smidge thinks like a loser, and talks like a pacifist.  Let’s start with this December 20th appearance on KET TV, where Smidge makes it clear that he never had any faith in Trump’s power to win votes: You don’t have to be the proverbial rocket scientist to figger this out:  If he didn’t expect Trump to do well, Smidge clearly does not understand the breadth and depth of anti-establishment fury and revulsion in the American electorate.  And why would he?  Smidge IS the establishment. Now that November 8th is well behind us, has McConnell … Continue reading

“We Can’t De-Fund Planned Parenthood without a Shutdown” ~ Says McConnell

From Canada Free Press I’m getting really tired of this “second kick of a mule” nonsense from Mitch McConnell, but even more so, I’m getting really tired of the way this guy views his priorities as Majority Leader in the United States Senate. The media’s narrative is that every time Republicans and President Obama disagree on a budget priority, Republicans are “trying to shut down the government”. We all know that’s how the media’s going to play. That doesn’t mean the titular leader of the Republicans has accept that narrative lock, stock and barrel. But he does, because he’s a … Continue reading