If Ya Wanna Lead The Choir….

……Know the words ! As top Democratic leaders held a protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, the microphone they used did not work properly. The crowds could not hear what was being said so they resorted to chants including “Lock him up!” in reference to Trump as they all held up their itty-bitty torches of freedom trying to keep warm.   Nancy Piglosi  sounded like a spokeswoman for an old Verizon ad campaign. “Can you hear?” she continuously said to the crowds gathered Monday night on the steps of the Supreme Court. “Look at that moon. It’s a new … Continue reading

REALLY?! We are going to fall for this?

From Fox News  Schumer offers answer to GOP’s fear on Obama and immigration: enact now, start law in 2017 Published February 10, 2014  FoxNews.com New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer offered a compromise Sunday with House Republicans who say they cannot pass immigration reform legislation for fear President Obama won’t enforce the related laws — pass the legislation now and enact it when the president leaves office. “Let’s enact the law this year, but simply not let it actually start until 2017, after President Obama’s term is over,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Schumer, who helped lead his chamber … Continue reading