The Rise of the Daycare Generation

This is a rather long dissertation, if that’s the right word, but it leads to the crux of the issues being faced by today’s SJW snowflakes and mindless liberals. I listened to it while going about my kitchen business and I urge you to do the same. There’s nothing to look at so just hit play, turn it up, listen and absorb what this man says. He’s not a “genius”, so he claims, but he speaks the truth and nails where society when wrong. He also explains why these kids are so messed-up, (and he’s right, it’s not really their … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — January 23, 2016

. “Repeal that [welfare] law, and you will soon see a change in their manners. … Six days shalt thou labor, though one of the old commandments long treated as out of date, will again be looked upon as a respectable precept; industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them.” Benjamin Franklin, ( January 17, 1706, Boston, MA, Died: April 17, 1790 )   ~ ~   … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — January 17, 2016

. “Happily for mankind, liberty is not, in this respect, confined to any single point of time, but lies within extremes, which afford sufficient latitude for all the variations which may be required by the various situations and circumstances of civil society.” James Madison, The Federalist Papers, No. 53, 1788   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 25, 2015

. “It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution.” Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia Query 19, 1781   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 23, 2015

. “Without wishing to damp the ardor of curiosity or influence the freedom of inquiry, I will hazard a prediction that, after the most industrious and impartial researchers, the longest liver of you all will find no principles, institutions or systems of education more fit in general to be transmitted to your posterity than those you have received from your ancestors.” John Adams, letter to the young men of Philadelphia, 1798   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 20, 2015

. “Strangers are welcome because there is room enough for them all, and therefore the old inhabitants are not jealous of them; the laws protect them sufficiently so that they have no need of the patronage of great men; and every one will enjoy securely the profits of his industry. But if he does not bring a fortune with him, he must work and be industrious to live.” Benjamin Franklin,  “Those Who Would Remove to America”, 1784   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 16, 2015

. “Strange how it was always the spoiled who weakened and cried first, and it was the injured, the maimed, the blind, and the poor who fought on alone.” Louis L’Amour, (22 March 1908 – 10 June 1988),  Sitka   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 15, 2015

. “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” Thomas Jefferson,   (April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826)   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 09, 2015

. “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” Benjamin Franklin,  January 17, 1706 — April 17, 1790   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — August 23, 2015

. “The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.” Niccolò Machiavelli, (May 3, 1469 to June 21, 1527)  “The Prince”   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — August 22, 2015

. “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” Zig Ziglar, (November 6, 1926 – November 28, 2012)   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — February 27, 2015

. There are three ways that men get what they want; by planning, by working, and by praying. Any great military operation takes careful planning, or thinking. Then you must have well-trained troops to carry it out: that’s working. But between the plan and the operation there is always an unknown. That unknown spells defeat or victory, success or failure. It is the reaction of the actors to the ordeal when it actually comes. Some people call that getting the breaks; I call it God. God has His part, or margin in everything. That’s where prayer comes in. General George … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 14, 2014

. “Up to a point a man’s life is shaped by environment, heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him; then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has it within his power to say, ‘this I am today, that I shall be tomorrow’. The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds.” Louis L’Amour, “The Walking Drum”   ~ ~ … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 13, 2014

. “If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto.” ― Carter Godwin Woodson,  (December 19, 1875 – April 3, 1950)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 11, 2014

. My wife Ticky is an anarchist-individualist … When she was in the Navy during the early ‘forties she showed up one morning in proper uniform but with her red hair held down by a simple navy-blue band — a hair ribbon. It was neat (Ticky is always neat) and it suited the rest of her outfit esthetically, but it was undeniably a hair ribbon and her division officer had fits. “If you can show me,” Ticky answered with simple dignity, “where it says one word in the Navy Uniform Regulations on the subject of hair ribbons, I’ll take it … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — October 28, 2014

. “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” Ronald Reagan,  (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 14, 2013

. “Learn to distinguish the difference between errors of knowledge and breaches of morality. An error of knowledge is not a moral flaw, provided you are willing to correct it; only a mystic would judge human beings by the standard of an impossible, automatic omniscience. But a breach of morality is the conscious choice of an action you know to be evil, or a willful evasion of knowledge, a suspension of sight and of thought. That which you do not know, is not a moral charge against you; but that which you refuse to know, is an account of infamy … Continue reading

Mychal Massie – “Fired Up For Freedom”

Here’s Mychal Massie: I am fired up for freedom Mychal Massie, The Daily Rant Marsha Hughes is one of my readers. She commented on my Facebook page, “You’re really FIRED UP FOR FREEDOM, Mychal! Thank you!” She’s right. I am “fired up for freedom” because, just as it is with time and life, it is a commodity that when taken away, i.e., gone, you do not get it back. There is no do over. I have enjoyed freedom from the moment of my birth, and I have no desire to see my child and future grandchildren enjoy anything less. As … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — October 5, 2013

. “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself and in no instance bypass the discriminations of reason? You have been given the principles that you ought to endorse, and you have endorsed them. What kind of teacher, then, are you still waiting for in order to refer your self-improvement to him? You are no longer a boy, but a full-grown man. If you are careless and lazy now and keep putting things off and always deferring the day after which you will attend to yourself, you will not notice that you are making … Continue reading

Whiney Stubbed His Toe??

. In sports, there are winners and losers. In the professional arena, rarely does a game end in a tie. And when it does, it’s after a mutually agreed period of time off the clock. In the game of LIFE, there are winners and losers. AND whiney apologists. Following is one such scenario.   Youth Teams Face Fines, Suspension For Winning Games   September 25, 2013 by Breaking News As scoreless games become more prevalent and players receive trophies for merely participating, it is increasingly difficult to teach children the important lessons associated with both winning graciously and losing with … Continue reading