FBI texts expose discussions of a ‘secret society’

FBI texts expose discussions of a ‘secret society’ against Trump after win; Gowdy is on it, now BizPak Review Renee Hayes January 23, 2018 The investigation of politically motivated FBI officials is turning out to be the things spy novels are made of. As details of what was going on behind the scenes in the Obama Administration during the contentious presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump come to light, we’re learning there may have been an attempt to begin a “secret society.” “We learned today about information that after — in the immediate aftermath of [Trump’s] election that there may have been … Continue reading

FBI Corruption Plot Thickens with possible Secret Society

Trey Gowdy, and the FBI Corruption Plot Thickens Secret Society     Fox Business Published on Jan 22, 2018 This totally needs a court process to be done. Skip the stupidity, cost, and time waste of “special counsel”. DoJ should be moving on this period. –Uriel–