Senate committees holding up nominations-time to force them through to Senate Floor

After a String of Amtrak Crashes, Top Official Points Finger at Schumer Conservative Tribune Ben Marquis February 10, 2018 In keeping with the left’s “resist for the sake of resistance” movement against everything President Donald Trump does, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has blocked or delayed dozens of Trump’s top executive branch post nominees. Now, at least one official has suggested this tactic could be placing lives in danger. That official is Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jeff Rosen, and according to The Daily Caller, he has taken exception to Schumer’s prolonged refusal to confirm the nomination of 40-year rail veteran Ronald Batory as … Continue reading

President Trump Doubles Down On Senate

TRUMP RAISES: White House: No DACA deal until ‘Senate Democrats reopen the government Luis Miguel January 21, 2018 President Trump is officially playing hardball. The White House stated on Saturday that it will not agree to a deal on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, until the Senate approves a funding bill for the government’s operation, the Washington Examiner reports. The shutdown occurred after Senate Democrats on Friday night refused to vote for a stop-gap measure that would have kept the government running until February 8. Democrats opposed the funding bill because it does not include protection for DACA beneficiaries. President … Continue reading

Dems Attack First Amendment

First off, I am compelled to restate the obvious: Progressives are clueless.  Thankfully, that makes our efforts to expose them for the vermin they are much easier. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went to a Family Research Council pastors retreat on Thursday to introduce one of the speakers, his father Rafael Cruz, an ordained minister.  While not scheduled to speak himself, Cruz told the audience of hundreds of pastors from across the country about Senate Democrats’ plans to limit free speech by amending the Constitution. Cruz told those at the FRC’s Watchmen on the Wall 2014 event in Washington, D.C., “This … Continue reading

Schumer: Use the IRS to Target Tea Party

From TPNN and Washington Free Beacon: Democrat Chuck Schumer is the worst kind of political elite. That is, one who looks down on the people from a glass house. Having been in elected office since he was 23 years old, Schumer has never held a job in the private sector. When you have lived a life of planning for others, you are out of touch with what the common man experiences. At the age of 63, Schumer has been in some form of elected office for 40 years, nearly 2/3 of his lifetime and his entire adult life. So, his … Continue reading