Court schools Pierce College on freedom of speech

Court schools Pierce College on Freedom of Speech   The final outcome of this case and court decision could have stronger implications for universities across the country where freedom of speech is being threatened on campus or compartmentalized into tiny corners away from “safespaces.” –##– In March 2017, Kevin Shaw, 27, and attorneys from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education filed a lawsuit against administrators at LACCD and Pierce College after Shaw was told he could not hand out Spanish-language copies of the U.S. Constitution on behalf of Young Americans for Liberty outside the college’s tiny free speech zone, which measured 616 square feet … Continue reading

Update on Fusion GPS for January 2018

Federal Judge Obliterates Fusion GPS’ Attempt To Hide Info From Investigators In Fusion GPS’ vague telling, they’ve been nothing but forthright with congressional investigative committees, which came as news to those committees.     The Federalist Mollie Hemingway January 5, 2018 On Tuesday, Fusion GPS founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch wrote an  an op-ed  for The New York Times. In it, they claimed they and their opposition research firm were nothing but an open book and were seeking greater transparency from three congressional committees who have been digging into the probe of Russian election meddling. All three committees have … Continue reading

Globalization And The Law From Justice Scalia’s Viewpoint

While searching for a particular Justice Scalia comment, I found this speech he gave in archives. It is long but very insightful for those interested in viewing the topic of globalization through the eyes of a constitutional scholar. This is the first time I have heard a Justice Scalia speech but wish there had been far more opportunities. Though given in a soft spoken manner, he certainly provides food for thought. This particular speech is not only a present day concern but given the push by the United Nations and certain shadow entities for globlization is a serious consideration for the future. … Continue reading

Push Back Patriots – Convention of States

On this momentous day we celebrate our independence and the rights guaranteed by our founding fathers.  They were for the most part cognizant and intimately aware of the tyrannical attitudes from whence they came and world history.  Learned, thoughtful, completely dedicated to the cause of citizen motivated liberties and republican government, these men put their liives and hearts on line to birth a nation of independent, free thinking and acting individuals to guarantee generations to come rights free of tyranny, fear, hopelessness, and subsistence. Each word of this document was carefully weighed and balanced with religious values, moral rights, and … Continue reading

Obama’s touchstones, breaking badder

[>>@1m: 45s] “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency”. Touchstone: (assaying tool), a stone used to identify precious metals; or (metaphor) a means of assaying relative merits of a concept 1: a black siliceous stone related to flint and formerly used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal 2: a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing 3: a fundamental or quintessential part or feature — merriam-webster There’s nothing wrong with transparency and rule of law. … Continue reading