New GOP Tax Plan Seems To Fail Truly Small Businesses

If the Democrats could shelve their tired and weary class warfare rhetoric, they’d realize that a good case can be made against some key parts of the new GOP tax plan.  This plan seems to fail to help truly small businesses — the actual mom & pop operations like independent retailers, single franchise owners, stable operators, independent medical practitioners — and instead is designed to benefit “big small” businesses as well as corporations.  I’ve heard these complaints from entrepreneurs whom I’ve known for years — and they are most assuredly pro-Trump, every one of them.  But the Law of Unintended … Continue reading

GOP: Here’s Your Silver Platter. Now Wake Up … Or Else.

Next week I expect we will learn if the Republican Party as an entity is worth saving.  Next week, Donna Brazile releases her book on how Queen Douche Hillary Clinton working with the Wasserman-Schulz-controlled DNC stole an election cycle, in a scandal that eclipses anything in American politics since the 19th century. We add this forthcoming MOAB drop to recent revelations about the Obama-Regine-approved Uranium One deal, and how scions of the Democrat Party sold strategic American assets that belong to we the people, to a strategic enemy, for personal financial gain, and then hid the facts under a puddle … Continue reading

A Miracle In NYC

Nearly 8 years after a terrible wreck left a man unable to communicate, his power of speech has returned. George Bush was 62 when the mainstream media derailed his presidency, which resulted in him and his entire administration going off a cliff and tumbling to the ground.   “For eight long years he didn’t speak a word “, said George’s brother, Jeb Bush. Though his family continued to talk to him, they had no idea whether he understood them. That eased a few days ago, when he began responding to questions with grunts and by blinking his eyes. On a … Continue reading

Uniparty Swamp Creatures Block Trump’s Recess Appointments

If you have any remaining doubts about the disloyalty of the GOPe’rs in the US Congress, and their unholy alliance with the Democrats to protect their precious turf and give yet another middle finger to the American voter, please consider this news item.  The Senate and House will hold “pro-forma business meetings” for one minute or so three days each week during their upcoming August recess.  Thus they can claim they are in session, and deny PDJT the opportunity to make recess appointments. Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break By Jordain Carney – 08/03/17 07:40 PM … Continue reading

McStain, Ryan, Grahamnesty, Joe Biden To Be Romney’s Guests At Strategy Session

If Allahu “Boom Boom” Akbar is looking for an event to crash, may we suggest this one:  The UniParty Elites are gathering this coming weekend as guests of Mitt “Magic Underwear” Romney at a so-called retreat, to discuss how to Crush Donald Trump, his policies, and the will of the American electorate.  And besides the usual GOPe roadblocks (John McStain, Lindsay Grahamnesty, Lyin’ Paul Ryan), the guest of honor will be Joe “Cross The Aisle” Biden.  Ol’ Joe has just launched a PAC likely to back his 2020 run for the Oval Office.  Mittens says he is troubled by “the … Continue reading

Gary North Predicted Paul (Boehner Junior) Ryan’s Healthcare Sellout Six Years Ago

Two days ago The Conservative Treehouse blog ran a fine analysis of the deliberate deep-sixing of healthcare reform by the combines vested interests of the UniParty Dems and RINOS, the insurance industry, big labor, and progressives.  About six years ago, Gary North predicted this would happen.  But few outside the ranks of the then-significant Tea Party paid any attention.  Offered here are both stories.  First, from the 6 November 2010 edition of North’s “Specific Answers” column: John Boehner’s “GobGop” Plan to Sell Out the Tea Party in 2013. It Will Begin in January 2011. First, you must understand that Boehner … Continue reading

Spirit Of America Rallies

  Rallies across the nation will take place on February 27th at 12:00 pm and March 4th. We expect many more states holding rallies will be added, so check back in a few days if you don’t see one near you. If you would like to organize a rally, please email the contact person for your state. If you don’t see a state contact, please email us at and put your state and organize in the subject line. We strongly support President Trump in his effort to put America First and we are holding small rallies to show support … Continue reading

Another Good Poll

This may be just a wee bit biased, as a great deal of AMAC members fled AARP due to its support of ObamaCare and other liberal leanings. But we will take our positive news from wherever we can find it.   Poll In the upcoming Presidential Election, how do you think the majority of your fellow residents of Florida will vote? Will Florida go red or blue? Trump (97%, 2,781 Votes) Clinton (3%, 96 Votes) Total Voters: 2,877 Let’s hear it for us Florida Geezers . OORAH !! ~Terry

The Flight 93 Election

Authored by “Publius Decius Mus” and published by the Claremont Institute in California, the following  article has social media ablaze  It’s also a wholesale indictment of conservatism over the last 30 years. Publius, whoever he or she is, may have just made it very difficult to make the intellectual case for the Never-Trump movement. This is the beginning of the blistering letter to the #Never Trumpers. 2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or … Continue reading

GOP Delegates Devise Plan to Take Nomination From Trump

It just doesn’t stop does it?  The asshats are in full shithead mode. “Vote of Conscience”?  Good grief… spare us the hypocrisy.  Friggin criminals. How about spending energy and resources to combat the Hildabeast machine! ~ Hardnox

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Republican Party

(American Thinker) – Over the next several months many people will be mourning what they believe to be the death of the Republican Party. Wakes will be held, funerals attended, and eulogies delivered. At long last the GOP will be laid to rest in the family graveyard next to its father, the Whig Party, with the following epitaph (probably written by Reince Pribius) engraved on its headstone: “Here lies the Republican Party. Born 1854. Killed in action 2016 while defending its members against insurgent enemy forces. Leaves behind millions of faithful donors.” And so we will be made to think that … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Bedtime for the #NeverTrump Anger Babies

Here is the latest episode by Joe Dan: Joe is spot on, “the republicans were given both Houses to perform one job, and that was to stop Obama and they helped him instead”. ~ Hardnox  

Dobbs: Trump And His Efforts To Make The Republican Tent Even Larger

Commentary for Lou Dobbs on Trump’s efforts to reach out to his detractors. “First they ridicule you” “Then they attack you” “Then they fear you” “Then you win” I’d say a whole lot of people are eating crow right now. ~ Hardnox

The Scariest Reason Trump Won

From National Review by Dennis Prager: There are many reasons Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The four most often cited reasons are the frustrations of white working-class Americans, a widespread revulsion against political correctness, disenchantment with the Republican “establishment,” and the unprecedented and unrivaled amount of time the media afforded Trump. They are all valid. But the biggest reason is this: The majority of Republicans are not conservative. Conservatives who opposed Trump kept arguing — indeed provided unassailable proof – that Donald Trump is not a conservative and has never been one. But the argument meant little … Continue reading

Ted Cruz: If Path Opens I Will Jump Back into Campaign

On nitwit Glenn Beck’s show: Seriously?  I can’t even believe he really said that.  “A path to victory”?  You lost dude.  Get over it.  My once high opinion of Ted is going subterranean. Hopefully in the future, Trump and Cruz can kiss and make up and together kick some Hildabeast butt.  Not a hard target to miss by the way. ~ Hardnox

Never Trumpers Need A Waaahmbulance

In a companion piece to Hardnox’s articles “Some Republicans Bolt GOP After Trump Becomes Presumptive Nominee“, and  ” Never Trump Heads Explode “ I submit another side of the story. The ” I don’t care if Hillary further destroys Our Country ” spoiled brats who are determined to take the ball and go home even if it means the home team gets trounced.  Nearly 100 prominent Republicans (so far ) are vowing to never support Trump, and third-party talk has the Washington GOPe and the ‘Never Trumpers’ pissin’ in their knickers now that the people’s choice has all-but-sealed the nomination. William Kristol, editor of the the Weekly Standard and big-mouthed … Continue reading