Fed Up With Media Matters? Get Even Now, Here

You’re all likely aware of the ongoing Leftist campaign to end First Amendment protection for any American who has the temerity to speak the truth about the Left, about progressives, about Islamists, about King Putt, about The Hildabeast ….   This campaign has been waged for years by the Soros / Clinton-funded organization named Media Matters.  Run by size seven asshat David Brock, it uses Twitter ‘bots and phone banks, staffed by legions of Pajama Boys and Gals, to contact sponsors of conservative radio and TV programs, and to convince them to yank their sponsorship from those shows.  And in this … Continue reading

That BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, Leftist Media

Or NOT, as the case may be. On Rachel (Lady-Looks-Like-A-Dude) Maddow’s 6  total viewers show on PMSNBC, she will show OFFENSIVE to Christians “art” but NOT offensive to muslims “art”. We all know the hypocrisy of the leftist media, and PMSNBC in particular, but this is cowardice. Could they know the jihadists will attack THEM first, due to their tendency to tow the homo line ?  Story from Eric Sheiner at CNSNews.com   MSNBC’s Maddow Shows ‘Piss Christ’ But Not Latest ‘Charlie Hebdo’ January 14, 2015 – 10:22 AM By Eric Scheiner On MSNBC Tuesday night Rachel Maddow described the … Continue reading