She’s Dreamin’ Of A White Christmas. Or A Black Christmas. Or…

Remember Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who we know from such things as fake baking herself and corn-rowing her head to the point where she could convince people she was a black person and become President of the Spokane NAACP ? Well guess what…just in time for Christmas, she’s selling a 2018 calendar full of photos of…herself. Being, you know, black and stuff. According to Rachel’s website, (where you can also purchase a large variety of homemade lollipops. I guess it’s a black thing.) the calendar description reads: “2018 Calendar featuring photos of Rachel Dolezal by four portrait photographers & … Continue reading

“Phony Baloney” News For Jun 16 2015

Our  most recent Weasel Of The Week winner is back in the news today. Sunday, we brought you the story of Rachel Dolezal, a WHITE born female, who had posed as black for quite a few years, had been named Spokane NAALCP Chapter president. Apparently, her white parents had had enough, and OUTED their daughter as a fake. Today we learn Rachel has resigned her post as Spokane NAALCP President. Blake Neff at The Daily has the REAL story.   Dolezal Resigns As Spokane NAACP Head Blake Neff Reporter    1:10 PM 06/15/2015   Rachel Dolezal, the “black” activist who caused a … Continue reading