Happy Progressive VD !

Attention Liberal Progressive Males (I balked at the word “MEN”), Valentine’s Day is here, in fact, it’s nearly over. Are you still in your mommy’s basement, unable to get a date for the protest rally in your area tonight ? Well listen up. these charmers are waiting for your call ! Progressive Valentines Day for Gender Specific Males Hey Fellas, choose your Valentine: FEATURED THIS YEAR Haryetta is beautiful progressive woman who loves the Indicago tribe and relishes life in the beet fields. OTHER PROSPECTS INCLUDE : Morticia is a divine creation of progressive spirit from the laboratory of Dr. … Continue reading

“No, I Will Not Check My Privilege”

From Rebel Media “White privilege” is a term we hear more and more. Where does it come from, and what does it really mean? “Check your privilege” and “Educate yourself” are empty terms that progressives use to try to silence their opponents. Progressives think they are “making the world a better place” by constantly reducing everything to matters of race and sex. But I explain why this worldview actually makes society worse, and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m with lauren…. I won’t apologize for being born white, female or straight. Not only white folk are racist….many blacks are also. … Continue reading