Trump Refuses To Release Black Woman

**BREAKING NEWS FROM CNN** RACIST Donald Trump holds poor, homeless, black woman HOSTAGE in empty room for 8 YEARS ! Although the story is true, I did create the misleading headline…. … Only because CNN didn’t think of it first ! On another note : Donald Trump may not be doing this woman any favor by allowing her a free ride. It seems apparent that she is drugged-up and making no effort to better her situation. Why would she ? Then again, Mr. Trump didn’t see her as a waste to society. He recognized her as a fellow human that … Continue reading

Notice To The Deep State

*ATTENTION DEEP STATE AGENTS* Due to President Trump authorizing the Attorney General to declassify documents related to surveillance during the 2016 election , the following item is on back order : In its place, we are offering your choice of BOGO ( Buy One-Get One free ) on these ” ARKANCIDE ” Kits as an alternative : OR If you are unable to wait for us to restock the original, take advantage of one of these other GREAT ideas…..and pick up a FREE ONE for your BFF. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO ! ~Terry

AG Barr Appoints New Headhunter

President Donald Trump and other Republicans have called for a special counsel to “investigate the investigators” after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report found that the president’s campaign did not collude with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. “I became President of the United States in one of the most hard fought and consequential elections in the history of our great nation .From long before I ever took office, I was under a sick & unlawful investigation concerning what has become known as the Russian Hoax. My campaign was being seriously spied upon by intel agencies and the Democrats. This … Continue reading

Mad Magazine vs Mayor Butt-edge-edge

My post yesterday ” What, Us Worry ? “, had fun with some of the 2020 democratic candidates for POTUS , and the great nicknames President Trump comes up with for them. His latest was for Pete Buttigieg, the youthful, queer mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Trump compared him to Mad Magazine’s icon Alfred E. Neuman , stating : “Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States,”  Attempting to be nonplussed, Buttigieg tried to shrug it off : Mad Magazine, not to be slighted by a light-in-the-loafers upstart who is nearly 1/2 the age of their decades old … Continue reading

Rubberband Man 2020

Are you ready for it ? Hey y’all prepare yourself for the Rubberband ManYou never heard a sound like the Rubberband ManYou’re bound to lose controlWhen the Rubberband starts to jam Oh, Lord, this dude is outta sightEverything he doesSeems to come out right ~Terry

Biden Gropes Himself

The Donald just couldn’t resist. President Donald Trump retweeted a spoof video Thursday afternoon showing the Crazy Unca’ Joe video from Wednesday, but with an image of a second Joe Biden, this one in a black suit, slowing appearing from behind the blue-suited Biden, placing his hands on his shoulders and, inhaling deeply with his face on top of Biden’s head. Trump wrote “Welcome Back Joe!” all in caps in the tweet sent from his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. I love dis guy ! ~Terry

Lynne Patton At The Cohen Hearing

Lynne Patton was designated in June 2017 by President Donald Trump to head Region II of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees New York and New Jersey. She previously worked as an event planner for the Trump family, helping to run the Eric Trump Foundation. She was a speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention. In short, she knows the Trump family pretty well. At the Cohen hearing the other day, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) asked Ms. Patton to come, and in her personal capacity, to actually shed some light on Cohen’s allegations that President Trump is a racist. Cohen wasn’t too happy about it … Continue reading

Just A Coinky-Dink

RE : February 21, 1965 assassination of Malcolm X in Harlem. The shooting began in the Audubon Ballroom just as Malcolm X was preparing to speak. A commotion eight rows back in the Harlem auditorium interrupted him. “Nigger, get your hand outta my pocket,” a man yelled that Sunday in February. “Now, now, brothers, break it up,” Malcolm X told them. “Be cool, be calm.” Distracted, Malcolm’s bodyguards moved away to break up the scuffle. Suddenly, a man rushed the stage with a sawed-off shotgun, and two more fired handguns, hitting Malcolm X in the chin, hand and chest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

Lefty Idiot Doctored Trump Footage

A staffer at local TV station Q13 in Seattle was shit-canned for doctoring footage of President Trump’s Oval Office address — causing the commander-in-chief’s tongue to droop out of his mouth and making his skin appear bright orange on air. A side-by-side comparison of the speech shows the blatant manipulation. The clip’s colors look more saturated, adding to the left’s much ballyhooed cry of the “Orangeman” hue to Trump’s skin. In the footage, the President’s tongue also appears altered — like it was made to rest on his lower lip for an unusually long time between sentences. Though the station didn’t identify the fired editor, Q13 news … Continue reading

Other Derby Winners

Mark Lamkin, a Louisville, Kentucky, resident, one-time contestant on Trump’s reality-show series “The Apprentice” and current CEO of Lamkin Wealth Management sported a Derby suit rigged out with the likeness of the 45th president. Chris Valletta@valletta71 At @KentuckyDerby w/ my friend Mark Lamkin who is wearing a @realDonaldTrump custom suit #Derby144 @ffweekend @FoxNews 11:18 AM – May 5, 2018  The man who posted that tweet is Chris Valletta, a former professional football player who was also fired by Trump as a contestant on “The Apprentice.” Obviously, the two men don’t bear the current chief executive any hard feelings. These are a couple of … Continue reading

The Peoples President…

From The Conservative Tree House For a select group of dedicated people today marks a moment on a specific timeline over seven years long. 2008 and 2009 were tough years for advocates of small government and constitutional freedom.  The Auto-bailout, TARP, Omnibus and a trillion dollar “stimulus” signaled fiscal irresponsibility toward many; but a small group understood the larger issues which would tear apart a constitutional republic.  We connected, and more importantly, we assembled. After another defeat at 1:38am on December 23rd 2009, we knew our heels were over the precipice of the abyss.  Act, or be acted upon. Within … Continue reading