DDP Gate 2 – Democrats, Donors, and Pornography – The Clinton and Obama Connection

    Part 2 – Terrence Bean Here is his biography from his web site:     Source: WintryKnight.com Terry Bean is a native Oregonian, successful real estate developer, and President and CEO of Bean Investment Real Estate, a private company that trades and invests in commercial real estate as well as large residential complexes. Along with these badges of honor, Terry Bean is often first recognized as a pioneer in the national civil rights movement, promoting full equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer/questioning communities. (GLBTQ) Terry Bean is so well regarded as an activist that Oregon Governor … Continue reading

DDP Gate – Democrats, Donors, and Pornography – The Clinton and Obama Connection

Let me introduce you to a couple of Clinton and Obama supporters who over the years have partied, met with, and bundled large amounts of donations for Democrat campaigns.   First – have patience, it all ties together and is part of the bigger story yet to be discovered of LGBT, Democrats, donations and Clinton/Obama much like PizzaGate: Adult Film Mogul Chuck Holmes Chuck Holmes is a “rags-to-riches and something darker” man who started his career in the pornography field during the early 1970’s when this was a very risky business. He traveled west to San Francisco area in the … Continue reading

Yessiree,Bob. THIS Ought To Help Hillary. Uh-huh.

Dear readers, sorry for the extended absence, but between ANOTHER computer death, and almost three weeks in a FEMA camp, cleverly disguised as a motorhome repair facility, I am back home, got a new machine, and am ready to have at it once more. Many thanks to the “hostage czar” for springing us. In the run up to the 2016 election, there are always some weird “alliances”. This is definitely one of those. Imagine, the leading “feminist icon” being supported by THIS clown.  Blake Neff at The Daily Caller.com has the absurdity.    LAS VEGAS – JANUARY 07: Hustler magazine … Continue reading