Trump Gets A Ho-In-One

The Donald has really stepped up his game ! After President Trump re-tweeted this GIF the left just went apeshit !! Ol’ Georgie Porgie was just one of the many ALL fake news puppets that was aghast … It’s known as “Having A Sense Of Humor” you brain-dead zombies ! You are supposed to laugh the way you did when Kathy Griffin did this :   ~Terry

A Christmas Funny

It’s Christmas time and Buster The Boxer is looking forward to getting to play with a new toy on Christmas Day. Buster didn’t realize that big bouncing thing being assembled in the back yard was for him until he saw all his animal friends having a party on it. This creative and funny advert is from the John Lewis department store. Of course, it didn’t take long for someone to make a hilarious parody of it. American politics provided the perfect material for British humor to take the ad and run with it. How can you tell this video is … Continue reading


Time again for us to see who Jodi blasts this week. As always, from Enjoy.   Tune in again next time to see who Jodi nails. ~ CLYDE. Pleased to bring Jodi to you.


Time again for the chick who gives the left chills of anger. As always, from   Nothing like Jodi zinging the leftist losers with HUMOR. Thanks for tuning in. CLYDE. “Just zinging in rain…..”


Nothing like adding a bit of humor into our exposing the left for the lunatics they are. Jodi always delivers. As usual, from  Enjoy.   You just got to love the way Jodi dishes derision on the Donkeys. ~ CLYDE. Catch Jodi next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

Aside from attending worship services of your choice, or not, if you are non-religious, what BETTER thing could you do on Sunday morning than to see who the Weasel is ? And that is where we come in. We have had some moronic Weasels, some disgusting Weasels, some firsts in Weasel history, but this one wraps ALL of that up in one false package. Sometimes one is better off STAYING with the Creator’s idea for oneself. Our Weasel this week couldn’t be bothered with that, so, let’s get right to our……………………. WEASEL OF THE WEEK You all have heard the … Continue reading


Time to see what the finest female fighting fools has to say. As always, from   You just GOT to laugh at the way Jodi skewers the lunatics. Hope you enjoyed it. ~ CLYDE. She’s my girl……  


Time again to watch as she skewers libs with the greatest of ease. She’s on fire this week. As always, from     Hope you enjoyed her screed as much as I do. Tune in again next week. CLYDE. Always good to watch the LEFT get pilloried for a change.

OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!!

The weeks just seem to fly by in eager anticipation of just which left wing loon wins the coveted pitcap. We have some real strong contenders this week, but I think this one deserves it more than the rest. Lately, we have witnessed some real stupid stuff coming out of the mouths of various lefties, from a wide range of issues facing the nation. This week’s looness gets the cap for one of the STUPIDEST things ever uttered from a left wing loon. So, without any further ado, or rigamarole, let us get to this week’s………………. WEASEL OF THE WEEK … Continue reading

OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY!!!

  And you know what THAT means. Time once again for our H&F foray into the muddled world of leftist lunacy, and see who wins the stylish pitcap this week. Earlier this past week, the left, with a LOAD of help from the Regime, tried to derail the Israeli Knesset elections, by LYING about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They LOST. Big time. Of course, the left wasted NO time in decrying Netanyahu’s victory. With the usual hatred of all things to the right of Stalin. No one was quite as asinine as the “esteemed” writer at Time Magazine, a rag … Continue reading


Time again for our “Gal Pal”, as she kicks the left with aplomb. From Enjoy   Hope you enjoyed Jodi’s latest lib-bashing. Tune in again next time. ~ CLYDE. Just loving watching libs being lampooned.  


Time once again to see just which liberal leftist lunatic wins the esteemed award and stylish pitcap. When I started the WOTW, I thought it would be a simple process of picking the winner. But, this past week has been one of the harder ones, since there has been SO MANY worthy buffoons, but I have made the choice. You all are familiar with this week’s Weasel winner, as he has made a career out of saying stupid, haughty, and downright insulting things. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. Time to name the H&F ……. WEASEL OF … Continue reading

OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

And that means it’s time once again for the H&F Weasel Of The Week Award to be bestowed upon our “lucky” winner. As I scour the Internet ( thanks, Al Gore) looking for those who best exemplify Weaselness, sometimes we come across a few, sometimes we come across MANY. Sometimes they are from the political arena, the lamestream media, academe, you name the leftist realm, they are out there. This week’s Weasel has a LONG history of saying REALLY STUPID things, but THIS was a doozy, even for THIS moroness. So, without further ado, since “we have to pass it … Continue reading

Ain’t THAT The Truth

See what happens when you invite a dirty old lech to somewhere he doesn’t belong ? This cartoon from Glenn Foden at nails it. Enjoy.     Biden February 24, 2015 – 10:15 AM By Glenn Foden Not much left to say about Crazy Uncle Joe!! ~ CLYDE. Scratch Joe off the guest list.


Time again for the “Damsel Who Damns Democrats”. Enjoy. Jodi Miller comes to us via     Hope you all enjoyed Jodi’s latest leftist bash. ~ CLYDE. You GO, Jodi !!


  The polls have closed, the votes have been tallied, and NOW it is time for the awards. Yes, dear readers, the time has come. Now, without further ado, here are the results of the Hardnox And first annual Asshat Of The Year Awards. It ALL comes down to THIS, the H&F Asshat Of The Year Trophy. So many deserving recipients, so FEW trophies…..     We will begin with the first category this year, that of Liar Of The Year. Liar Of The Year First Runner-up : with a total of 8 votes was Jonathon Gruber, of the … Continue reading