Pedophilia – the Next Sexual Rights Revolution?

  JEROME R. CORSI NEW YORK – The underlying assumption that has led to the increasing legitimization of same-sex marriage is now fueling a growing effort in academic circles to mainstream pedophilia. Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established more than 50 years ago, insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior. If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized. James Cantor, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in the Law and Mental Health … Continue reading

You Know You Are Winning When …….

….All your “opponent” has is child molestation to compare you to. From The Land Down Under, which, I mistakenly thought had better sense than this, their ecoloons have stooped LOWER than a snake’s ass. This outrage comes from Donna Rachel Edmunds at   Backlash After Australian Climate Change Group Compares Coal Mining to Paedophilia by Donna Rachel Edmunds 27 Oct 2014, 4:22 AM PDT  An Australian climate change lobby group has faced a backlash after creating a billboard advert comparing coal miners to paedophiles. The ad was one of a number of possible images posted onto the Facebook page … Continue reading


Have a good, stiff drink BEFORE you read this latest asininity from the New York Slimes. Also, move any object which could do great harm to your computer. If THIS doesn’t prove the ABSOLUTE depravity of the so-called “educated” left, nothing does. From The Daily and Neil Munro   Pedophilia Deserves Civil Rights, Says New York Times’ Op-Ed 10:55 AM 10/06/2014 Neil Munro White House Correspondent   The nation’s tough anti-pedophilia laws are unfair to pedophiles, according to an op-ed published by The New York Times’ editors. “One can live with pedophilia and not act on it,” says Margo Kaplan, … Continue reading

Dimwits Dumbing Down Deviancy. Just In Time For Halloween.

CAUTION: This is going to be a rather lengthy, and, I hope, a VERY thought-provoking post. I STRONGLY urge all who read it to stick with it. Just like the militant homosexual community did, starting in the 1970’s, today, we see an even MORE disgusting form of “normalization” beginning. This one, however, can, and WILL have very deep and disturbing consequences for far too many children, all in the name of political correctness. From sharia So, THIS is what SOME liberals WANT to see for the children? Seems like it.   And liberals are OK with that. How far … Continue reading