Oprah’s Endless Self-Centered Buffet, Correctly Described Back In 2012

Visiting again my favorite topic of Winter 2018:  Orca’s likely run for the Presidency of our nation.  Daniel Greenfield had this supersized Technicolor douchette figgered out waaaay back in April 2012, when he wrote “Oprahism and The Church of Obama”.  This piece details the narcissistic, self-centered philosophy of the man who was then seeking four more years in which to fatally damage America, and its exact parallelism to the beliefs promoted by his best female bud, Miz Winfrey. Thanks to Karl Rove, the Bush clan, Mittens the Timid, and the moron voters who get their news from the MSM, King … Continue reading

The Science-Denier Who Would Be Our Queen

Orca Winfrey … friend of Harvey Weinstein … King Putt’s confidante … and now revealed as a science-denier.  Even Orca’s new and oh-so-serious black-framed eyeglasses cannot hide the vacuous new age, touchy-feely mush that passes for a brain in this large and overbearingly hypocritical leftard female.  Read on, friends. Repressed memories of Oprah and her contributions to medicine … Should she run for president, Americans will need to give some thought to her willingness to oblige any feeble thought if it can charm an audience   by Rex Murphy 12 January 2018   Canada National Post online   http://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-repressed-memories-of-oprah-and-her-contributions-to-medicine The recent Oprah moment … Continue reading

At The Movies With ‘Nox & Friends

  Well Okay…It’s really an article from SBPDL…… Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther Party… Ninety million dollars.That’s what you call an unbelievable opening weekend at the theaters.The America of 2015 is undeserving of a man of the quality of Chris Kyle, but white Americans of 2015 desire a man like Chris Kyle. American Sniper… the type of Punisher movie white America wants to see American Sniper speaks to the them at an atavistic level, reminding them of the type of individual necessary to make life possible. Selma, on the other hand, is the … Continue reading