Project Veritas vs New York Times: Today’s Round

Enjoy watching James O’Keefe’s hounds nip at the heels of ultra-trendy metrosexual NYT “Executive” Editor Jean Baquet in his oh-so-hip white overcoat.  Gee, Dean, guess it’s not so much fun being on the receiving end, is it?  Y’all better get used to it, Mister Cool; this war has just begun. — SafeSpace —  

“It’s Just Hearsay … Let’s Put It Out There!”

Here is the fourth installment of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation of the “Newspaper Of Record”. We here at Casa del SafeSpace are considering funding a defense team for Todd Gordon (to be armed with scary full-auto assault weapons purchased from Eric Holder’s estate) as Gordon surely now has a bulls-eye in his back. If you missed it, here is the preceding release.  I’m struck by just how young many of the libtards are who work for the NY Times.  Guess you don’t need any experience or maturity, just a jackwagon progressive attitude to land a job there.  I … Continue reading

“The Misshapen Material of Human Vanity, Ambition and Greed”

Here’s the tale of Harvey Weinstein, a tale of an ambulating douchebag, a story of wealth and power, of a man thinking with his little head and looking at life through his solitary eye … and of what happens to people, their businesses, their political parties, their governments when they throw God’s gift of morality in the trash. This is also a tale of Draining The Swamp, as Donald Trump’s crushing effect on MSM credibility and ad revenues plays a factor in the demise of Mister Weinstain and the media sycophants who elevated and protected this scumbag, as well as … Continue reading

Tucker Carlson Takes On The New York Times

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Tucker takes on New York Times Public Editor, Liz Spayd, over continued bias allegations against the ‘Paper of Record’ – even in its reporters’ tweets. –00– Over the last few weeks we have seen the liberals not only attack but completely trip out over what they disagree with on the right and to demonize those who championed or voted for Donald Trump. Programs have been altered when not providing information the group believes to be acceptable.  People have had their comments dropped or censored almost daily lately. The reason alleged — they believe anyone not in … Continue reading

The Plausibility of Ted Cruz

From:,  by Ross Douthat,  on Feb 4, 2016,  see the article HERE. This article is unusual for one reason, it was taken from the New York Times Opinion site. For me, it’s unusual to find an article in the NYT that, 1) I’m interested in and, 2) isn’t so slanted towards the left that it makes me ill. So celebrate with me a first; a re-post of a New York Times article. I’d like to think that maybe they’re wising up in Noo Yark. It’s rare for a politician to be overshadowed in victory, and even rarer when that … Continue reading

Time To Pay A Visit.

Yes, my friends, it is Wednesday once more, and that means we honor our late colleague Mrs. A.L. with the awarding of an honor named for her and that just fits SO MANY leftists so well. So let us venture into the wasteland that passes for liberal thinking, and see which FINE specimen of  “leftist thought” is the coniferous champion this week. Our awardee was referred to us by Hardnox himself, a hat-tip to him. Without further ado, here is this week’s….    MRS.A.L.’S HUMPDAY PINECONE   This week’s winner is the leftist lunatic’s version of what a “conservative” should … Continue reading

Talk About Unmitigated GALL.

The “Hillaryistas” are at it ALREADY. Rush covered this on his show, and it gave me a GREAT idea, so, let US have some fun with it. In the comments section at the end of the post, feel free to add your own ” witticisms”. Story from Breitbart News Staff, at   Hillary ‘Super Volunteers’ Warn Reporter Against Using ‘Sexist’ Words by Breitbart News Staff  26 Mar 2015 A team of Hillary Clinton “super volunteers” warned a New York Times reporter on Wednesday against using words about Clinton that they deem to be “sexist.” The group, “HRC Super volunteers,” … Continue reading

Global Warming News For Nov 28 2014

OK. Turkey Day is done, I’ve come out of the “food coma”, now time to get back at it. My first “crack upside the head” is for the New York Slimes, once AGAIN spewing bullshit. This is about the glaciers that give our BEAUTIFUL Glacier National Park it’s name. If you’ve not been to this place, you NEED to see it. Magnificent. The article is from Sierra Rayne at the Canada Free NYT Fail on Climate Change in Glacier National Park Area By Sierra Rayne  November 24, 2014 A recent New York Times article by Michael Wines on how “Climate … Continue reading


Have a good, stiff drink BEFORE you read this latest asininity from the New York Slimes. Also, move any object which could do great harm to your computer. If THIS doesn’t prove the ABSOLUTE depravity of the so-called “educated” left, nothing does. From The Daily and Neil Munro   Pedophilia Deserves Civil Rights, Says New York Times’ Op-Ed 10:55 AM 10/06/2014 Neil Munro White House Correspondent   The nation’s tough anti-pedophilia laws are unfair to pedophiles, according to an op-ed published by The New York Times’ editors. “One can live with pedophilia and not act on it,” says Margo Kaplan, … Continue reading

Trouble in Ferguson’s Brown-ville… NYT style

Never, well almost never, will you see the Left attack the NYT for something. It’s almost taboo. But you have a freak instance where the Times criticizes one of the left’s darling, heroes-in-the-making. Such is this case. The New York Times did a mild article about Brown, compassionate yet confronting. What did they say that was so bad? Well, you can read the whole thing here. I’ll give a few select quotes. It is worth reading. However, the real story now is in Leftville, where they have taken on and stopped just short of crucifying John Eligon, the author. So … Continue reading

BULLSHIT ALERT. Or, WHAT Did The Asshat Say ?

This clown the willing accomplices of the media elected, along with the mind-numbed sheeple who put their faith in said media. Now, the petulant man-child is WHINING to Tom Friedman, he of the New York Slimes, another “recipient” of the Nobel Prize, about the “extremists” of the GOP, AND media. What a delusional pos this guy is. Thanks, again, brain dead guilty white liberals. From   Obama: ‘Extremist Ideology’ That’s Taken Over GOP, ‘Balkanization of Media’ Has ‘Blocked’ My Agenda. by  Matthew Boyle  10 Aug 2014, 3:50 PM PDT President Barack Obama said the power of conservative opposition, including … Continue reading

Wal-Mart. Ya GOTTA Love’em.

If not for low prices on everyday goods, then love them for THIS. Going to shop TODAY. Especially after reading this stellar piece from The Daily    Wal-Mart’s Response To This New York Times Hit Piece Is EPIC. 7:35 PM 06/22/2014 By Chuck Ross, Reporter     Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest retailer, recently decided to go into the newspaper editing business. The Arkansas-based company responded to an article from New York Times columnist Timothy Egan, titled “The Corporate Daddy” by doing the work that it felt Egan’s Times editors should have done. “Thanks for sharing your first draft,” reads … Continue reading

Good News For BAD News.

Had to say, I about pissed myself laughing reading this. Hope you make it through before the same happens. From Bloomberg   HERE is another place that could close down, and be turned into a homeless shelter.     New York Times Struggles to Replace Print Ads With Digital Sales.                     By Edmund Lee –                   Oct 29, 2013 12:57 PM ET              The New York Times Co.’s advertising department is struggling to replace its once-lucrative print ads with digital sales, as Google Inc. (GOOG) and Facebook Inc. gobble up increasingly large chunks of marketers’ budgets. Both print and digital advertising … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — October 17, 2013

. The Senate has been debased to the level of a forum of hate and character assassination sheltered by the shield of congressional immunity.” MARGARET CHASE SMITH (1897-1995) — US Senator (R-Maine) from 1949-1973 Quoted in reference to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the New York Times June 2, 1950 ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Better Late Than Never.

A LONG -time liberal, and one of those responsible for the absolutely dismal state of the media today has weighed in on their fawning over Obama. Welcome to the club, Seymour. Should have thought about someone like this THIRTY years ago.  From   Seymour Hersh Rips US Media: ‘Carrying Water for Obama’.  NO SHIT, Seymour. Tell us something WE didn’t ALREADY know.  Assmunch.             by    John Nolte    27 Sep 2013, 7:49 AM PDT Left-wing journalist Seymour Hersh, a living legend with the American mainstream media, states the obvious in a new interview with The Guardian: When it comes to Obama, the … Continue reading