Understanding SJ Res 34 – What’s At Stake – Citizen Internet Privacy or More Democrat Malarkey

  Democrats and their mouthpieces have made this resolution a screaming point today. What they have to say may only be part of the truth. So before we all freak out, let’s consider what we know. First, FCC has overstepped on several issues just like other Obama-led agencies in an attempt to usurp law. Just like others, the effect of their attempt to “make” law without knowing how it affects the broader base economically or our citizens, without studying all of the issues, and in order to appear more important than other agencies has resulted in a stalled and overburdened populace … Continue reading

Net Neutrality is Soros Funded

By Michele Hickford at Allen West: You may not be aware the FCC passed new regulations on the Internet the end of last month. You probably have no idea what those regulations are. And that’s the way the FCC commissioner wanted it. Under the innocuous-sounding “net neutrality,” the liberal majority, 5-person commission quietly passed sweeping regulations of the Internet designed to turn it into a government-regulated commodity. Only today was the 400-page document released publicly, and now we know why it had to be kept secret. The real agenda becomes clear when you understand who was pushing so hard for … Continue reading

Ted Cruz tells Obama and the FCC – Don’t Mess with the Internet!

I can’t help but compare Ted Cruz’s extemporaneous diatribe on the possibility of the FCC taking control of the Internet with any of Barack Obama’s two-minute statements WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER. Notice the absence of uhhhh and ahhhh and personal pronouns (I, my, me, etc.). What a breath of fresh air; an intelligent man speaking knowledgably about a subject that he is passionate about. I’d love to see Ted Cruz debate Barack Obama, one-on-one, about anything … without a liberal “host” to cover for him. Cruz would leave Obama in a sobbing, quivering, lump of café au lait-colored Jello. I’d pay to see that! … Continue reading

Could Capitol Hill Actually Be Getting Tired of Executive Order Bully?

Politico: An Appeals Court Strikes Down Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules As Executive Overreach by John Hawkins (Jan. 15, 2015) “Yesterday’s oral arguments on the recess-appointment issue demonstrated that the Supreme Court may be ready to pull the reins sharply on the Obama administration’s exercise of power. Today, the DC Court of Appeals did the same thing. In a unanimous decision (with some dissent on the justification), the court invalidated the Net Neutrality rules imposed by the FCC when Congress refused to approve them: By classifying Internet access as an “information service” as opposed to a “telecommunications service” – which is … Continue reading