MSM silent on NK missile and its damage in April 2017

When a North Korean Missile Accidentally Hit a North Korean City — Early last year, a North Korean IRBM crashed in a populated area. What does that tell us? MSM groups did report about the missile launch back during the month, but little or nothing was mentioned about what happened after the launch. NK celebrated its launch but somehow nothing was ever mentioned about the results of the test.     Thanks to the in-depth reporting of the Diplomat and its reporters we now know more. Apparently, the regime has no problem with destroying buildings and hurting its own people … Continue reading

US Northern Border Wide Open

Before Its News Leo Hohmann February 5, 2016 US northern border: 5,500-mile northern border ‘wide open’ Alarm bells in Congress: 50,000 Muslims entering Canada (thanks to new leader there.) Lawmakers warned: 5,500-mile northern U.S.A. – Canadian border ‘wide open’. A border patrol agent monitors Canada-U.S. border in Montana, which has 550 miles of largely unprotected border. The border continues along North Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, Ohio, New York and several other states. Canada’s new Liberal prime minister plans to “fast track” the acceptance of thousands of Syrian refugees over the next few weeks and that has some in … Continue reading

List of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With or Convicted of Crimes in US

Have you ever wondered if there is a list of all those who have entered our country as refugees and then attempted to become radicals or carried out activities as enemies of the country? Well, thankfully someone has done just that. When Obama went on his petty rant in the Philippines, he forgot that there are patriot watchers (not mainstream media as yet) who will get to the truth despite his tantrums because it is vital to our citizens to know the truth. So as Obama stomps his size ditwitz shoe, let it be known that not only was his … Continue reading