Drawing Attention To Our National Anthem

It’s a sorrowful statement when you need to have a gimmick to draw the attention of American citizens to Our National Anthem. But this guy has a pretty good one.   Great job ! Read the story HERE ~Terry

Kaepernick Has A Change Of Heart. How Special.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick said he will end his National Anthem kneeling protests nextseason, since, according to him, his actions last year did exactly what he intended them to do: get people talking about serious issues like police brutality, social inequality and discrimination. But since those are all still serious issues — probably more so now than when he started his protests last year,what REALLY caused Kaepernick to reverse course this week and announce he’ll stand for the anthem next season? Well, for one, he’s set to become a free agent for the first time in his career, after opting out of his contract in San Francisco. Last year,the buttwipe was under contract and really didn’t have anything to … Continue reading

Today in History – March 3, 1931

It’s the song we all know by heart – we’ve heard it and sang it countless times. It’s played at many political events as well as most all sporting events. It’s one of the most difficult songs to sing – so much so that even professional singers have botched it on numerous occasions. But the Star Spangled Banner didn’t become our national anthem until President Herbert Hoover, on March 3, 1931, signed an act making it the official national anthem of the United States. In September of 1814, on a mission approved by President James Madison, Francis Scott Key and John Stuart Skinner … Continue reading

Look What Our Northern Neighbors Did for Us

No, this isn’t the normal bash the libs and the government kind of post, but I just had to share this with you guys. Before Tuesday night’s hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Nashville Predators, the singer’s microphone cut out toward the end of our National Anthem. Watch the reaction from the crowd: Showing the US some love, the Toronto fans (along with some US fans) joined voices and finished it together. Thank you, Toronto. ~Kathy

Patriotism Lives

This is making the rounds on Facebook. It started with a lady checking into a hotel in Kentucky… So, I’m in Kentucky for work and today when we got back, 1000 high school students had checked into our hotel. They had been making quite the ruckus tonight, but then did this to celebrate the start of the Olympics. Not the best video, (cause my fear kept me pretty far from the edge) but that’s 18 levels of them singing! Amazing! ~ Michelle Johnson Amazing! Thank you, Michelle, for sharing. ~Kathy