Word is that key Democrats are mounting a stealth campaign to remove Nancy Pelosi from her leadership position in their party.  This misogynistic effort must be stopped, so we’ve launched a hashtag campaign on Twatter to help Madame Ex-Speaker maintain her position of power and influence in the House. Pelosi is, and must remain, the face of the modern Democrat Party, the party of love and fellowship, of tolerance and inclusion, of empowered women and rightfully-chastened white males, of virtue-signaling and good intentions.  Madame Ex-Speaker’s unique combination of skill, clarity of thought, and command of the English language is essential … Continue reading

Pelosi – Finding Out How Dr. Frankenstein Felt

This is irony at its best and worthy of an SNL skit…     OUCH! Nancy Pelosi is going to have a hard time coming back from what just happened to her… Allen West by Derrick Wilburn March 28, 2017 Things on the home turf are getting tough for San Fran Nan. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was heckled and jeered at a town hall meeting over the weekend in her home town of San Francisco. But Pelosi was not shouted down by rabid right-wing conservatives as the left-leaning media would have us believe (are there any … Continue reading

The Left Is Full Of Gaslight

Recent anti-Trump protests around the country have run the range from threatening to hypocritical, to misinformed, to unintentionally comical, with more than a few appearing to veer far from reality. Some examples include : Washed up hag singer Madonna also fantasizing about violence against the president, musing aloud to the Women’s March crowd two weekends ago, “I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Washed up hag actress Ashley Judd’s speech  at the same event in which she read an incoherent, bizarre “poem,” compared Trump to Hitler, alleged he had incestuous desires for … Continue reading

Fact Checking Pelosi’s Absurd and Demeaning Rant Against Ben Carson

  Whenever Pelosi and Elijah Cummins want to create chaos and throw a spanner into the workings of congress, they often open their mouths and prove conclusively for the general public that ethical behavior and intelligence is not a requirement to be a Democrat politician. Their latest attack is against Ben Carson who has done nothing to warrant their ignorance chain rattling. It surely proves why as one of the presidential contenders, Carson would have been steamrolled by these idiots. Democrats will NEVER get their acts together so long as they are led by such long time politicians of the … Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi – Oh Please Let The Age of Aquarius Be In Retrograde

  It really is a shock to my system when I see first how long Pelosi has held court in Washington and how determined she has been over the years to push forward a far left progressive Democrat platform. Hillary only wishes she had the power behind this woman in Congress. But if we are to regain our country, isn’t it time for long-standing place holders in Washington like Pelosi, Reid and several others to exit so that younger members can be given a shot at fixing what our generation mucked up? While rumors floated back in January that Pelosi … Continue reading

From The ” WHAT The HELL Was HE Thinking” File For Jun 12 2015

In the Congressional fiasco that has passed for “debate” on the HORRID Obama fast-track trade bill, or Trade Promotion Authority,  a republican POTUS wanna-be has pretty much snuffed out his chances. This guy had really showed some promise just a couple short years ago, but with his terminal case of RINOITIS seizing his entire mind, the poor bastard has been reduced to sounding like San Fran Nan Pelosi. Story from Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno at Breitbart.com   Republican Opposition To Obamatrade Grows In Face Of Ryan Mistakes  by Matthew Boyle and Garrett Reno  11 Jun 2015Washington, DC The number of … Continue reading

Is a Boehner – Pelosi doc fix deal about to emerge?

From: hotair.com, by: Jazz Shaw, on: March 17, 2015, read the article HERE: An editorial comment by Garnet92: Just in case you’re not familiar with the term “doc fix,” here’s a brief description: The doc fix is the term applied to a temporary “fix” enacted by Congress each year to keep an automatic reduction in physician reimbursement from taking place. In 1998, due to concerns of escalating healthcare costs, Medicare payments for physicians were tied to a Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. Unfortunately, healthcare inflation outpaces general inflation and since 2002, the cost of physician services has exceeded what would be predicted from … Continue reading

Democrats Talked a Lot of Turkey This Year

  From IJ Review: It’s safe to say that 2014 hasn’t been a banner year for Democrats across the U.S. Certainly, some of the reasons for this may be largely beyond their control. But when prominent Democrats make public statements that are deceptive, condescending, racist, and/or just plain ludicrous, it certainly doesn’t help their party’s cause. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Washington Free Beacon has assembled a mash-up of what it calls the Democratic Party’s “turkeys.” This video features some of the numerous head-scratching quotes delivered by Democrats through this calendar year. ~~~~~~~~ I have to disagree that it’s beyond … Continue reading

J. D. Pendry, Retired Sergeant Major, USMC: “On Your Hands”

. This has been going around the internet for some few years, now. But I’ll let Sgt Major Pendry, Ret’d, speak for himself. Please note, that the following article is taken from his own site, and NOT from an email passed around on the internet. Sergeant Major, You have the floor, Sir.   J. D. Pendry, Retired Sergeant Major, USMC: “On Your Hands”   I am reprinting it here because I feel it deserves to not get lost. “What follows is a reposting of a mailing I sent to my private email list on June 24, 2006. I don’t feel … Continue reading

S-S-SSeparated At Birth ?

We have all seen comparisons of 2 people who resemble each other, with the suspicion that possibly they were twins that were separated at birth. There are LOTS of those. But I have taken it a bit further. With diligent genealogical research, I have located what I believe to be a set of separated QUADRUPLETS ! First Up…The Sisters :   And Now….The Brothers : There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these 4 are from the same gene pool ! ~Terry        

Quit Your Day Job. You’re Covered !

Marking the third anniversary of Obamacare’s passage, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the health care law fulfills the promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by liberating workers from their place of employment and allowing them to pursue careers in the arts. “And just think that you could be a photographer or writer,” Pelosi said. Pelosi often has praised Obamacare in this way, saying it enables Americans to quit their jobs and become artists. In 2010, she was famously quoted : “We see it as an entrepreneurial bill. A bill that says to someone, if you want to … Continue reading

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy …

Me thinks you are twisting in the wind. I recommend listening even if you have an aversion to this person. Her attempts to justify Obamacare is, IMHO, classic.  The interview is from “Meet the Press.” (Posted on YouTube by WashingtonFreeBacon) Mrs AL

Nancy Pelosi – Resurfacing Again? [satire]

Nancy Pelosi said this about Obama last Thursday: “He has been … open, practically apolitical, certainly nonpartisan, in terms of welcoming every idea and solution.” Can you believe she actually said that? She must have been talking about some other Obama, perhaps Keyshawn Obama, or Raheem Obama, or U’darius Obama? She couldn’t possibly been referring to the Partisan-in-Chief, Barackyou Obama. And he welcomes every idea? From who? Michelle? Reggie Love? Vladimir Putin? The crinkly old crone is finally showing the effects of her too numerous reconstructive surgeries. They’ve apparently created fissures in her rapidly calcifying gray matter (in fact, it’s … Continue reading

The Blind Leading The Blind.

When THESE two birds agree, in SUPPORT of the foolish Obama notion to use military strikes against Syria, you KNOW it’s a BAD deal for the U.S. It figures Obama would seek out every RINO he could find, from McCain, on down. From Breitbart.com.   Bipartisanship my ass. It’s Lucy holding the football again.   Rush to War: Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor Back Obama on Syria What a LOVELY couple, doing their best to SCREW OVER America YET AGAIN. Must be discussing which booth to meet up in at Man’s Country. WHAT is Boehner measuring??    by             Ben Shapiro         3 Sep 2013, … Continue reading