Josh Earnest, Freshest Turd In The Media Punchbowl

With a roster of “talent” including Keith Olbermann, Megyn Kelly, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell … and now Josh Earnest, the NBC / MSNBC Fake News Corporation has reached a new low in journalistic integrity.  They’ve got a special asshat ready for little uptalking metrosexual Joshie, one of those asshats that’s pink and has two cute little ears on it.   I’m sure you, like me, look forward to hearing King Putt’s Court Apologist / Jester / Douche-Bearer share his brilliant and enlightened opinions on the Trump Administration.  From Kaitlin Collins at The Daily Caller, 27 March 2017: Josh Earnest Is … Continue reading

HERE Is How to Stop ISIS

Yes, my friends, the leftists in the State Department has figgered it out. ISIS isn’t angry with the non-believers of the false pedophile prophet. Nope, all THEY need are JOBS !! Can I get a “peace be upon Him” ?  The idiocy comes to us from John Hayward at   State Dept. Spokeswoman: ISIS Needs Jobs by  John Hayward  17 Feb 2015 Observing the grim spread of ISIS across the Middle East and into North Africa, I found myself musing that maybe the best way to defeat them would be for President Obama to try helping them. The only things … Continue reading

That BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, Leftist Media

Or NOT, as the case may be. On Rachel (Lady-Looks-Like-A-Dude) Maddow’s 6  total viewers show on PMSNBC, she will show OFFENSIVE to Christians “art” but NOT offensive to muslims “art”. We all know the hypocrisy of the leftist media, and PMSNBC in particular, but this is cowardice. Could they know the jihadists will attack THEM first, due to their tendency to tow the homo line ?  Story from Eric Sheiner at   MSNBC’s Maddow Shows ‘Piss Christ’ But Not Latest ‘Charlie Hebdo’ January 14, 2015 – 10:22 AM By Eric Scheiner On MSNBC Tuesday night Rachel Maddow described the … Continue reading

Will I Be The First ?

To attend the Ed, aka Sgt. Schultz, from PMSNBC, “climate change reeducation camp for Deniers” ? See the loon for yourself. From   Ugly: MSNBC host wants ‘reducation’ for ‘climate deniers’ Posted on August 8, 2014by Anthony Watts Wow. just wow. No wonder MSNBC is tanking in ratings. Watch the video:   Proof positive MSNBC is truly THE cable channel preferred by loons all over the place. See you at “camp”. BTW, did y’all know who Ed The Loon is married to ? Give up ?  Try Debbie Wasserman- Schultz, loon extraordinaire, the chairman of the DNC. Two loons … Continue reading

‘Jaws’ Of Stupidity

(Note to Clyde : Please please please…can I have this global warming  …bio-meteorology…climate change nugget of stupidity ??) Thanks Man ! (In case you were fortunate enough to miss the 1st “Sharknado”, and are in the dark about this subject, HERE is a short video to get you up to speed ). During Wednesday’s edition of “News Nation” with Tamron Hall on MSNBC-LSD, she did a promo for “Sharknado 2”, and an idiot actually claimed that climate change could make a “Sharknado” happen. Hall was speaking with the film’s writer, Thunder Levin, and in referring to the film asked : “How does someone … Continue reading

Benghazi played ?

Just when you think you have witnessed the bottom, out pops someone to probe the depths. In this case Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC host). Its really nothing new for him but it does tell you something about modern, socialist progressives. The other day Krauthammer made a statement that Benghazi, the issue, is about played out. Well, I always appreciate his insight but I cringed when he said it. Sure, he had his reasons but that’s a whole other matter. Along comes the Left to ride that side-car as long and hard as they can. Sort of like the Iraq war. Here’s … Continue reading

Race to the Bottom

From IJ Review: Al Sharpton Brought Up ‘Race’ and ‘Racist’ on MSNBC in 2013 A Total of 314 Times The Free Beacon compiled the video, noting that the total of 314 references to race comes out to an average of more than once per broadcast. That’s almost a daily basis for the entire year. I do not recommend that you watch the whole thing or you’ll go batty – I lasted 15 seconds. Side note: I’m worried something is wrong with him physically, in addition to his obvious mental problems. Why is his head so much bigger than his body? ~Kathy

Say WHAT~!, Senator???

MSNBC has a “Right Wing Bias” ??? Ya gotta be kidding me~! Political Outcast   has the story of this brain-dead zombie “senator”. By Mark Horne   Dem Senator Complains of MSNBC’s Right Wing Bias; Wants More Talk of “Enormous Successes”   MSNBC is too biased against Obamacare. That’s what Senator Chris Murphy told Tamron Hall today after the President’s announcement of dictatorial powers to change the implementation of Obamacare. The first thing to point out is that MSNBC is being heavily biased in how they cover the few million cancellations because they have, to my knowledge, not informed viewers that  … Continue reading

Bush Did It Picture Of The Day

From MSLSD: Read the caption Oops. The non-news network strikes again. By the way, how many viewers do you think actually nodded along in agreement when they read their television screens? They forgot, of course, that not one single Republican voted for Obamacare, much less had anything to do with its implementation. Nice Try, Morons ! *Coming Tomorrow : It’s Twitter’s Fault That Anthony Weiner Is A Pervert ! ~Terry