Here Is Something Else You Might Not Know.

Yessiree Bob.  Global warming, climate change, whatever, DISCRIMINATES against …wait for it….. WOMEN. Knock me over with a feather. Didn’t know “climate” was that perceptive. SIGH. What will these asshats come up with next?  From The Daily Dispatch from the UN Warsaw climate conference: Gender day. 4:04 PM  11/20/2013  By  Myron Ebell Director of Global  Warming and International Environmental Policy, CEI Gee, I guess it IS tougher on the gals !!! Tuesday was one of the special theme days at COP-19 in Warsaw, the nineteenth round  of climate change talks put on by the United Nations. It was Gender Day. … Continue reading

Better Late Than Never ?

Too bad THIS horse already left the barn. Leave it to the PSP to arrive WAY too late to the party. While better than nothing, WHERE was THIS two years ago ? From The Daily   GOP Senators aim to block union exemption from Obamacare tax. 11:44 AM  11/19/2013 Alexis Levinson Political  Reporter This fiasco deserves shitcanning.   These GOP asshats should have been standing BEHIND this guy, WITHOUT the long knives in their hands. Republican Sens. John Thune, Lamar Alexander, and Orrin Hatch will propose a  bill to prevent the administration from exempting unions from the reinsurance  tax … Continue reading

Something From The “That’s Total Bullshit” file.

It figures a communist cluck, and a socialist scumbag would come up with this harebrained scheme, that DAMN sure will NOT work as advertised. See if you don’t agree. From The Daily   CBO says carbon tax would cut deficit. 11:38 AM  11/15/2013  By Michael Bastasch  Babs Boxer, Communist, Ca. If THIS twit, and THIS one……. Bernie Sanders, Communist, VT.…..believe THIS is GOOD for America, you best bend  over and grab the ankles. It would be ANYTHING but good.   The Congressional Budget Office has suggested a carbon tax as one solution to  the federal budget deficit, estimating $1 … Continue reading

Another Reason I QUIT The PSP.

Unbelievable stupidity, and arrogance I thought only LIBERALS possessed, I could go on , but I won’t. Read it for yourself. From The Daily   Upton to Limbaugh: Maybe you should have ‘checked in with us’ before  criticizing House delay. 2:51 PM  11/16/2013 Jeff Poor Media Reporter Fred, you are known by the company you keep. And, seeing WHO it is you are pictured with, maybe YOU should have “checked with US first”, before consorting with the ENEMY.   Fred, what is it YOU have to gain from saving HIS ass? See you come next year’s primaries.   One … Continue reading

Thought For Today – Nov. 17, 2013

Putting things in perspective:   March 21, 2010 to October 1, 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days. December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day. What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this federal government to build a working webpage. Mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Turning the tide in North Africa, Invading Italy, D-Day, Battle of the … Continue reading

Cooked Condor ?? Roasted Robins?? Sauteed Snow Geese??

Here is another report on one of the previously untold hazards of “green” energy. Not only are wind farms chopping up scores of our feathered friends, it seems solar panels are searing them as well. From     Solar Panels Frying Birds Along Major Migration Path. Sure looks like a “Condor Cuisinart” to me.   From the chopper to the fryer, in two easy steps.              by             Warner Todd Huston       13 Nov 2013 Some animal rights activists are wondering just how many birds green energy may unintentionally kill as more and more birds turn up dead at solar energy … Continue reading

Will Hell Freeze Over ?

It will, if THIS legislation gets legs. A bad idea, that needs to die, like the 600,000 bats it kills each year. From The Daily Bipartisan coalition aims to end wind power subsidies. 4:02 PM  11/14/2013  By Michael Bastasch We’ve pissed away ENOUGH taxpayer funds on these, enabling THIS to happen…..   Has ANYONE heard from The Audubon Society about THIS travesty? Time to put them on milk cartons. And, we DAMN sure don’t need to see any more of THIS.  Especially at $ 4 million apiece. Click link above. Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo leads a bipartisan coalition calling for … Continue reading

THIS Could Happen, If Only……

….. the damnable democrats, environmentalist wackos, and the Obama Regime get the hell out of the way. Most likely won’t happen in MY lifetime. From The Daily   ONLY if the wacko birds GET THE HELL out of the way. United States may be close to reaching energy ‘self-sufficiency’. 9:50 PM  11/13/2013  By Michael Bastasch SAFE, and EFFICIENT.    And, CAN help LOWER costs. BIRD KILLERS, and FIRE HAZARDS. And, PROHIBITIVELY expensive. Although, take away THIS party’s GRAFT, I suppose it COULD be cheaper….. If the jackass fits……… Personally, I think democrats LOVE punishing the “poor” in this fashion. They … Continue reading

Fire Up The ‘Dozers, And Shove’em Into Overdrive.

Here is some more of the total asininity coming out of the U-frigging-N’s lie fest in Warsaw. And, I’m SURE the administration secretly supports it. From The Daily   US to oppose UN climate ‘reparations’ proposal. 5:11 PM  11/14/2013  By Michael Bastasch   Fuel’em, lube’em, fire’em up. The assholes from the U-frigging-N are STILL trying to loot the U.S. Treasury. WAY past time to turn THIS into THIS……. … And, for good measure, throw in THIS as well….     Nothing but lying FRAUDS.       The United States will oppose the United Nations’ efforts to set up … Continue reading

Something From The “GEE, NO SHIT” File.

Don’t even know WHY they bothered with this poll. We ALREADY know it.  From The Daily   Almost nobody likes Congress. 5:55 PM  11/12/2013 Alexis Levinson Political  Reporter          Is it ANY wonder THIS is as well-liked as THIS ????     HERE  is what THEY think of US. Turnabout is fair play, eh? The circle of “blood relatives and paid staffers” is  thinning: Congress’s public approval rating has sunk to the single digits. According to Gallup, a mere nine percent of Americans  approve of the job Congress is doing. Not only is that number abysmally low for  a … Continue reading

Something From The “BWAHAHAHAHAHA” File.

Normally, I don’t do anything concerning the assholes who comprise the majority of Hollyweird, but could not pass this one up. Sometimes, George, you asshole, being a “trend-setter” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it? From The Daily George Clooney wasn’t happy with his Tesla. 4:33 PM  11/11/2013  by Grae Stafford About all you need to know. Discussing what they’re going to do at Man’s Country, I’m sure. Here is the hypocrite asshole in his short-lived bromance with a Tesla. Pretty bad when a moonbat such as THIS one is blasting something politically correct, and “green”.   … Continue reading

Calypso Louie. Still Crazy.

Nation of Islam “leader” Louis Farrakhan recently opined about the sentence of the former Mayor, and Chief Thief in Detroit. Proof this dude is DELUSIONAL. See if you don’t agree. From The Detroit November 11, 2013 at 1:24 pm Farrakhan: Feds will feel ‘wrath of God’ for Kilpatrick’s sentence. Robert Snell   Crazy Louie Farrakhan. WHO is going to feel the “Wrath Of God”, Louie? YOU. For being a hypocritical asshole. This sonofabitch is RIGHT where he BELONGS. Just not LONG ENOUGH. Detroit — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the people responsible for sentencing former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick … Continue reading

From The “You Have GOT To Be Shitting Me” File.

Well, we KNOW the asshat didn’t ask US about this. I think you’ll agree. From The Daily   McCain: Tons of people want me to run for president again. 1:00 PM  11/11/2013 Vince Coglianese Managing  Editor I can see it now. The GOP / RNC “Dream Team”. Mc Asshat, and THIS clown…..   Good ol’ Krispy Kreme. Note the logo on the dais. Tells the tale, eh? John McCain is apparently fielding a “spate of e-mails and letters  and phone calls” from people who want him to run for president again. But, the Republican senator from Arizona told the … Continue reading

So, It Wasn’t SUV’s After All ?

In a recently released study from THE leading voice of reason in the AGW debate, it looks like something OTHER than the dreaded SUV is the culprit. Look for the Fraudacle to label this man as a “denier” in 3….2….1. From The Daily Study: El Nino caused half the global warming since 1970s.   5:30 PM  11/11/2013   by  Michael Bastasch  Found NOT GUILTY of the “crime” of Man-Made Global Warming. HERE is the GUILTY party. El Nino. As “judged” by Dr. Spencer.   Along with THIS asshole. As to his “quote”, THIS is the TRUTH…..   THAT is TRUTH … Continue reading

At Least THIS Clown Has It Right.

In a brief article I found amusing, one N.Y. Post writer has it correct. Better late than never. From The New York via Drudge   New York Times’ Obama cheerleading harms the nation. By Michael Goodwin November 10, 2013 | 6:13am   Between the Slimes shameful ass-kissing, and the 63 + million MORONS who blindly followed said Slimes, we ended up with  THIS.   Only ONE cure for THIS. And that would be THIS. Right after we leave the U-frigging-N on the ground. Poor Barack Obama. Ending his fifth year as the world’s most powerful man, he is running out … Continue reading


Not much to add to this  excellent piece by one of my favorite sources. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily I would LOVE to hear asshats like THESE complain about “skyrocketing energy costs”. I’d BITCHSLAP the stupid right out of them. ANALYSIS: We’re going backwards. 10:00 PM  11/08/2013  by Michael Bastasch It’s the dawn of the 21st century and the country is on the verge of what  could be the biggest energy boom in history, but out-of-control environmental  policies could drag  us back into the dark ages. From renewable  energy mandates to  anti-genetically modified crop campaigns, extreme environmentalism and … Continue reading

HERE Is The REAL “War On Women”.

Courtesy of the economic “prowess” of the Obama Regime. These numbers tell the story. From   357,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in October; Female Participation Rate Hits New Low.   November 8, 2013 – 9:24 AM  By Ali Meyer       And to THINK, YOU morons SWOONED over this asshole. ( — American women participating in the nation’s labor  force hit a new low at a rate of 56.9 percent in October, according to  data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additionally, the number of women holding jobs declined by 357,000  from September to October, … Continue reading

Hmmm…… I Thought These Things NEEDED Wind.

Guess even a wind turbine can’t take too much of a breeze. Our latest wind turbine story is out of Oregon. From The Daily Wind turbine collapses from too much wind. 5:49 PM  11/08/2013 by Michael Bastasch   I wonder if it ended up like THIS one? Click above link.     A turbine at one of the largest wind farms in the world has collapsed —  thanks to too much wind. The 10-year-old turbine collapsed after a windstorm swept through the area  earlier this week, reports the East Oregonian. The Stateline  Wind Farm is run by NextEra Energy, … Continue reading

Another Leftist Myth Busted.

Liberals are CONSTANTLY carping about the right’s “evil money”, such as the infamous Koch Brothers. As is usual, the truth is FAR from the left fairy tale. From   Report: Liberals Have Accounted for 70% of ‘Dark Money’ Spent in Politics in 2013.  Asshat railing about that which BENEFITS him. Ed Malarkey, proving further liberalism IS a mental disorder. by    Tony Lee        7 Nov 2013 Though Democrats have railed against the influence of money in politics after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, liberals have accounted for 70% of the so-called “dark money” that has been spent this year. According … Continue reading