TFP Student Action: Two Minutes of Science to Shut Down Transgender Crapola

TFP Student Action is a campus outreach of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property which has been active on American college campuses since 1973.  Their mission can be accurately deduced from their name.  If you are in need of a  concise rebuttal to snowflakes claiming gender confusion, try this.  WARNING:  Video contains actual scientific claims.  May be hazardous to the self-esteem of certain millennials.   Posted by SafeSpace (a pseudonym similar to those often cited by MSM reporters and Democrat politicians as “reliable sources”)  

‘Happy Holidays’ vs ‘ Merry Christmas !’

  The Difference Between Saying ….         And saying ….     …. Is Pretty Clear !     ~Terry

Say Buh-Bye to Smug Bill Kristol: RIP Weekly Standard

Please, bring me a fresh box of Kleenex: I just can’t stop the flow of sad sad tears.  That neo-con / never-Trump rag “The Weekly Standard” has announced it is closing its doors.  Why?  Nobody subscribes any more.  Perhaps the preening of that smug, pursed-lip little twerp Bill Kristol, and the nervous laugh of Fred Barnes, just wore thin.  Or perhaps actual conservatives got fed up with ten years of WS support for every friggin’ mideast war they saw.  Or perhaps with the more recent endless anti-Trump spew.  Whatever.  One less birdcage liner. In case you were a fan of … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan: How Democracy Is Losing the World

Granted, our government is a constitutional republic, not a true democracy. But read on: Pat Buchanan makes some very interesting points that may challenge your thinking in this piece. How Democracy Is Losing the World by Patrick J. Buchanan  11 Dec 2018 If Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels about a one-night stand a decade ago, that, says Jerome Nadler, incoming chair of House Judiciary, would be an “impeachable offense.” This tells you what social media, cable TV and the great herd of talking heads will be consumed with for the next two years … Continue reading

Baby ( I don’t care if ) It’s Cold Outside

I hope you whiny lefties will be happy now. Take it and stuff it in your “Season’s Greetings” stocking !   Next Up : Lawsuits from #MeToo charging “cruel and unusual actions” ! Good Grief #RacistCharlieBrown ! ~Terry

The Words ‘Obama’ and ‘Moral’ Are Oxymorons

If you can stomach for 3:47 minutes looking at, and listening to, the most hideous FLOTUS to ever darken the halls of Our White House , please do so. It is imperative to reading the article that follows the video. yeah…I know Hillary was there too. It’s a real tough call. Sorry you had to watch that, but the following op-ed will be more entertaining for you having done so. Take a few minutes to clean the vomit from your surroundings, and then proceed. It is written by Veronika Kyrylenko, a PhD from Odessa National University, who is a research associate at … Continue reading

AO-C : Windmills Will Bring Us Together

At Monday’s “Solving Our Climate Crisis, a National Town Hall”, hosted by none other than Senior Socialist Sen.Bernie Sanders,  the Jr. Socialist, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on the bill. There was at least a fighting chance that she was going to give us a profoundly stupid soundbite. The notoriously stupid Occasionally Coherent – Cortez certainly didn’t disappoint, saying that renewable energy would finally bring “racial justice” to America. Yep. I started the video at the point where Bernie asks for her words of wisdom. That takes just a couple of minutes before they move on to the next moron, Van Jones. The entire “Crisis !!!” video is about … Continue reading

Rudolph Is Seriously Problematic ( for the lefties )

Remember last year when President Trump tweeted this hope inspiring message ?   Well, apparently the ‘ain’t got nothin’ better to do’ leftards at HuffBlo Post aren’t going to take that bit of happiness lying down. According to a video compiled by the stunted minds there, many believe that the loveable red-nosed reindeer is actually a front for racism and homophobia in the United States. Yep. Really. Did a conservative mole agent slip into the editing room and secretly add the part at the end where everyone realized they were wrong about Rudolph and that, in fact, they “shouted out … Continue reading

Lou Dobbs on GM’s Decision to Cut US & Canadian Jobs But Keep Mexican Plants Humming Along

Here’s Lou Dobbs a couple nights ago on the asshattery at General Motors .. the corporation YOU and I bailed out with OUR taxpayer dollars about a decade ago:   I hope Trump slaps tariffs on GM imports … and I hope more Americans buy Fords and Jeeps.  GM’s plant closure timing, right after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas, is designed to f*ck Trump-voting workers, and to pad the year-end bonuses of the brilliant bean counters who put this plan in motion.  GM is rumored to be retooling their Mexican plants to build earth-friendly electric Jackwagons, to please the new … Continue reading

Guest Post: Christmas In Sweden – Exchanging Light For Darkness

Here’s a guest post, from ‘Nox loyalist Felinity: And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  –John 3:19 And so it came to pass — in the once-proudly-tradition-bound nation of Sweden — that over the course of “modern times”, its government heads and myriad denizens tacitly allowed the invasion of and captivity to the darkness of Islam.   “Prohibition of the Swedish Christmas tradition Lucia has sparked debate in Sweden.  In Motala, the Lucia celebration has been cancelled at Kärrbacken School.   According … Continue reading

Just Another Day In The Illegal Horde

The illegal alien mother ‘fleeing’ from the border wall was all a setup. The mother of the year was dragging her two young daughters, one barefoot and both in diapers through a barrage of tear gas canisters as she was storming the US border in Tijuana on Sunday. The woman with the children was just a photo-op. In the background of the picture a group of men are posing for one camera man and another is running towards another camera man. In other areas, people are just standing around : The US responded with tear gas and like clockwork, the … Continue reading

Manscara? Guyliner? Mainstreaming Gender Dysphoria

Here ya go, folks:  The culture of self-absorption, of me-centrism, of unicorn science in which we are now immersed, now offers online tutorials on “gender-bending” makeup techniques, and tips for once-manly men who want to try the “pretty boy” lifestyle. If this is what your girlfriend wants you to look like, I sure as hell don’t want your girlfriend.   Grab the Gaviscon and watch this handy-dandy self-help tutorial.  And trust me, this is one of the milder and less-offensive videos on this topic on YouTube.   Studies by actual medical and psychology professionals have proven that the incidence of … Continue reading

Acosta Get’s WH Pardon Along With Other Turkeys

 Our Gracious President Trump pardoned the White House Turkeys ‘Peas & Carrots’ :   But before that grandly humane act, he was reluctantly forced by a lawsuit to set loose another birdbrain, CNN’s Jim ‘RUDEabaga’ Acosta, to roam the White House press briefings :     However, it is only a temporary pardon, and President Trump may still have the fowl Acosta’s head on the butcher block. ~Terry

Michelle Obama: Becoming….

Announcing the first Hardnox Complete The Sentence Contest!  Former First Trannie Moochelle First Lady Michelle Obama has released her first book, titled “Becoming”.  She and purported co-author Barack Hussein Obama received a $65 million advance from the suckers at their publisher, Penguin Random House, for this opus.  How much they shared with Saul Alinsky, we do not know. Your Humble Correspondent believes there is more to this story.  What exactly is the meaning of that title … the rest of the implied sentence?  Some ideas have crossed my fertile mind so far: Becoming Rich off Whitey’s Taxes Becoming Queen of … Continue reading

Democrats: “Cruel and Unscientific” To Define Legal Sex By Biology

If a conservative claims that there is no consistent evidence of “manmade climate change”, that conservative is slammed as a “science denier”.  If a conservative supports “intelligent design” over “evolution”, said conservative is mocked as a Bible-thumping ignoramus.  On which side of the political spectrum are the real science deniers found? Consider:  The progressives have now gone off the deep end, claiming that tens of thousands of years of the biological record on mammalian physical sexuality are wrong.  Presented to you by the LGBTQWERTY lobby and the 98 Democrat House legislators who have signed off on the latest madness: It … Continue reading

Democrat Rep Jerrold Nadler’s Plans To Gridlock Our Government

Jerrold Nadler (D, NY) will likely head the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee when the new Congressional session opens for business next January.  And in best Democrat fashion, Nadler plans to use his powerful position not to advance a strong-America agenda, but to handcuff both our President and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Incoming Democrat Chairman: Dems Will Go ‘All-In’ On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh For ‘Perjury’ Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealed plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigate and impeach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion … Continue reading

It’s All About The Body Language

Former Nation Destroyer Barack Obama’s cool and collected demeanor has melted away to expose a has-been who looks beaten, both mentally and physically, as the midterms near. He looks like a sad-sack who seems painfully aware that this 11th hour push towards the midterms may still not be enough to keep his, and the other underhanded political thugs who helped him, asses out of prison. Obama was giving this particular speech at a political rally in Milwaukee in late October. His stuttering and stammering, and the soaked armpits show a whole different creature than when he smugly strutted and hid … Continue reading

Could Hillary Be A…….Raaaacccciiiisssst ! (gasp)

OMG ! Can you imagine what the media would be saying right now if President Trump had said what Hillary Clinton just said ? And everybody just laughs and laughs. Good one Hillary ! I wonder if CNN will have Eric Holder or Cory Booker on to talk about this🤔 Have you seen this anywhere on the news over the weekend? Me neither! No double standards my ass. ~Terry

Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers Is Jew-Hater and Trump-Hater

Yes, you read that correctly. TRUMP-HATER ! Here is what is known so far. Feel free to use any links to shove down the throats of the “Trump Encourages Hate/Deplorables Advocate Violence ” libtards you will surely encounter. Suspect Robert Bowers, 46, allegedly opened fire on the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue at around 10am on Saturday Suspect killed congregants in the main level who had gathered to observe the Sabbath then went downstairs In the basement, a second congregation had gathered. He shot them then fled to the third floor  There, Bowers exchanged gunfire with police and injured two … Continue reading