From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Nov 20 2014

Sometimes that old karma CAN be a real bitch. Such as that which this moonbatess found out while protesting……wait for it… POLICE in Ferguson. Hope she enjoys that steaming mug of Schadenfreude. From B. Christopher Agee at Western Ironic: Ferguson Instigator Has Car Stolen After Anti-Police Protest “Irony and karma…all in one.”  B. Christopher Agee — November 18, 2014 For more than three months, the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., has been targeted by violent protesters and looters upset over the police shooting that resulted in the death of Mike Brown. Despite the fact that subsequently released evidence … Continue reading

From The “Be Careful What You Ask For” File.

You just MAY get it. And, you most likely WILL NOT like it. The moonbats in Santa Barbara County, California (where else) are about to find out. This exercize in lunacy comes to us from     Proposed Fracking Ban May Hurt Santa Barbara Liberals. by      Chriss W. Street         19 Aug 2014 A group called the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians qualified an initiative called Measure P for the county ballot in November. The measure would ban “high intensity” gas and oil operations such as fracking, oxidization, steam injection and other high-intensity petroleum operations. However, what once seemed like … Continue reading

Another “Global Warming” Hypocrite Smoked Out.

Long time readers know of my absolute disdain for Ivy-League “institutions” of higher learning. None more so than Harvard, where TODAY’S climate hypocrite hails from. With “professors” like THIS moonbattess, no wonder Harvard graduates are among those doing the MOST harm to our nation. From The Daily Globetrotting Harvard Prof Takes Break From Jet-Setting To Gripe About Climate Change Deniers. 8:53 AM 07/25/2014 By Eric Owens Education Editor   Naomi Oreskes, a Harvard University professor who flies around the world in pollutant-spewing jumbo jet airliners to proclaim that climate change is a terrible menace, has co-written another book warning … Continue reading

The Lunacy Continues. Unabated By FACTS.

I’m sure ol’ Carnegie would be spinning in his grave to see what types of moonbattery they are “cooking” up at his prestigious institution of higher learning. These clowns never stop. From Claim: we should all be vegetarians to stop global warming Posted on July 21, 2014   by Anthony Watts From the meatheads at the Carnegie Institution Climate: Meat turns up the heat Stanford, CA—Eating meat contributes to climate change, due to greenhouse gasses emitted by livestock. New research finds that livestock emissions are on the rise and that beef cattle are responsible for far more greenhouse gas emissions than … Continue reading

From The ” Are You SHITTING Me “? File.

We all know the global warming Nazis will grasp at ANYTHING to make the LIV’s and various other dupes swallow the lie. THIS bullshit takes the cake.  From The Daily   NOT THE GINGERS! Global Warming Zealots Now Claim Redheads Will Soon Disappear 7:48 AM 07/06/2014  By Eric Owens  Education Editor     Global warming is a strange, inexorable force determined to take away our sandy beaches, our ski resorts, our air conditioning and everything good in life. That’s what well-paid people who fly around the world in huge jet airplanes keep threatening. And, wouldn’t you know it, now … Continue reading

I’ve Heard Of Cow Tipping……

…..But apparently, there is a NEW “tipping” sport. I think I like it. See for yourself. From   In THE bastion of liberalism, no less.     More Smart Cars Tipped in San Francisco by William Bigelow 8 Jun 2014, San Franciscans, who often pride themselves on their sophistication, have taken to a more sophisticated prank than their rural counterparts who favor cow tipping: Smart car tipping. Over the weekend, two more of the two-seat Smart cars were tipped over in the Twin Peaks and Cole Valley neighborhoods. The Smart cars, which weigh between 1,600 and 1,800 pounds, were tipped … Continue reading

Not Sure WHAT To Title THIS .

Maybe “From The BWAHAHAHAHA” File, or “Just What We DON’T Need” File. This has GOT to be a joke. The prick can’t ACT, let alone RUN A FRIGGING NATION . At any rate, here it is from   George Clooney Plans Move Into Politics.   by John Nolte 31 May 2014, With his movie career fading into commercial and critical mediocrity and a wedding in sight, 53 year-old left-wing Democrat George Clooney is apparently ready to try politics. The Mirror reports that Clooney’s lovely fiancée, British attorney Amal Alamuddin, has convinced Clooney to launch a career in politics after … Continue reading

“Academic Freedom” ? Apparently, Not HERE.

So you save your money, hock your future to send your kid to a “fine” institution of higher learning, where THIS  is the norm. It is horseshit like the following that makes me want to carpet-bomb this particular place. Read it, and see if you do not agree. From The Daily  BTW, break out a new pisstivity meter. Harvard writer: Free speech threatens liberalism and must be destroyed. 10:28 PM  02/23/2014  By Robby  Soave Harvard. Welcome ONLY if you are a radical, mind-numb leftist IDIOT. If this Harvard University student got her way, free speech on campus would  be … Continue reading

Nice To See SOMEONE Gets It.

We all have followed the shameful story of the city of Detroit filing for bankruptcy last year. Most of the left believes it is somehow the right’s fault. I think THIS article puts the lie to THAT bullshit. From The Detroit   February 19, 2014 at 1:00 am Detroit is a progressive’s perfect world. Erik Telford     Detroit, once an engine of economic growth, has been undone by a misguided belief that government and unions can create a better climate for growth and innovation than free-market entrepreneurship. And yet as the crumbling city pays for its decades of … Continue reading

THIS Is How To Treat Mouthy Liberals.

In a contract dispute over “carriage fees”, what a cable or pay-tv system pays per subscriber to carry a particular program, or channel, Direct TV decided to drop the Weather Channel. The way the liberal screwballs at the W.C. reacted, you would have thought Direct TV had shot school children in a theater or something. This is from CNN   DirecTV drops Weather Channel amid contract dispute By Brian Stelter  January 14, 2014: 7:19 AM ET   Worthy of our support. Looks like the bullying of the fools at NBC / Comcast didn’t work. LOVE IT.   NEW YORK … Continue reading

For Once, The “Happy Ending” Has Pissed Me Off.

Yesterday, I posted about the Russian “research” ship stranded in the Antarctic sea ice. Today, 52  “researchers” were “rescued”. CNN BLEW it on the global warming angle, but the “expedition’s” lead “researcher”, REALLY laid an egg. From Global Warming Researchers Rescued From Antarctic Ice.  STUCK in “global warming”. ‘Scuse me…. BBBWWWAAAHAHAHAHA.             by             John Nolte                  2 Jan 2014, 7:30 AM PDT Because the media are more interested in protecting left-wing narratives than reporting facts, you might not know that a Russian ship, stuck since Christmas Eve in the Antarctic ice and carrying dozens of Global Warming researchers, discovered … Continue reading

How Is “The War On Coal” Going?

Unfortunately, it’s STILL going strong, especially under Asshat’s watch. Secession is sounding BETTER all the time. From The Daily   Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South. 1:57 AM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch OK. Northeast liberals. SHUT ALL THEM DOWN NOW. We shall see how LONG you can last during THIS period of “global warming”. Assholes. The CLEANEST, and SAFEST of ALL electrical generation sources, and you MOONBATS would NEVER allow another one to be built. THINK about THAT when WE secede, leaving YOU assholes in the DARK, and hopefully, COLD.   Eight Democratic states … Continue reading


You’ve GOT to hand it to the adherents of the “Religion Of Global Warming” to hold “church” while a snowstorm rages. It doesn’t matter if there is a foot of snow, they’ll show up for THIS nonsense. From The Daily   NO SNOW DAY: White House holds global warming task force meeting despite snowfall. 4:15 PM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch     Nothing like a good, old-fashioned SNOWSTORM as a backdrop for a “global warming” conference. Leftists. DUMBER than the damned snow, I swear. Yessiree, Bob. “Global Warming” all over the place. Morons. THIS, GOD, is what I’M TALKING ABOUT. … Continue reading

Adios, Weather Channel. TOO Crazy For Me.

This channel has been sliding off the cliff for a few years now. They’ve FINALLY taken the plunge into full-blown moonbattery. Reading THIS from  affirms my suspicions.   Global Warming Alarmist Sam Champion Leaves ABC for Weather Channel: His Top 5 Most Unbelievable Quotes. By Scott Whitlock   2 December 2013 TWC. Gone FULL BORE leftist. Too bad. I HIGHLY valued it when they WEREN’T ADVANCING AN AGENDA.    First, THIS moron, THEN, if he wasn’t bad enough, they get THIS asshat…. … A TWO-FER. A flaming liberal AGW moonbat, AND a faggot to boot. The Weather Channel SCORES. ‘Scuse … Continue reading

So, The Fraudacle LIED AGAIN ???

For YEARS, the Gorons, led by the Fraudacle, Al Gore, have told us there was “scientific consensus” on Anthropological Global Warming, or, man-made global warming, if you will. I realize I went to public schools, but 52% is NOT an overwhelming “consensus”. From The Daily Poll: Nearly half of meteorologists don’t believe in man-made global  warming. 5:11 PM  11/26/2013  By Michael Bastasch Guess this lying bastard had just learned how to spell CONSENSUS, not knowing WHAT IT MEANT. THIS is the ONLY poll that counts !!!!     Well, half of them, anyway. AMS certified MORONS for the OTHER … Continue reading

Another “Government Motors / Green Car Success” Story.

This has GOT to be getting embarrassing for Government Motors. Obama has no such issues. Yep, those Volts. Setting sales records, as well as garages, on FIRE. Or not. From Chevy Volt Sales Plunge 32% in October. I wonder if “Motor Trend” has ANY embarrassment as well, giving this thing COTY before ONE of the things were sold. The poor bastards depending on hauling these for a living MUST be starving.    Wonder if it would help their sales if a FIRE EXTINGUISHER was included with purchase??   GM ALREADY had a GOOD electric alternative with THIS. GM’s EV-1. Never … Continue reading

Something Else From “The Obama Success Stories” File.

In a report that I find not surprising at all, but the government DOES, we see the “success” of the BECS’ push for electric vehicles. Or NOT, as the case may be. From Plug-Ins Account For Less Than Half of 1% of Auto Sales This Year.   October 17, 2013 – 4:45 PM By Barbara Hollingsworth   ” Motor Trend Magazine” Car Of The Year. Before ONE was sold. Morons. ( –  After the federal government spent billions of dollars on federal tax credits and subsidies to promote all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, they accounted for less than half of … Continue reading

The NEXT Time You Hear…….

….That conservatives “want to starve children”, hit them over the head with THIS article. From   Greenpeace Waging War Against Life-Saving ‘Golden Rice.    by     William Bigelow      14 Oct 2013, 9:28 AM PDT Seems to be their NEW mission. The environmentalist group Greenpeace is waging war against the production of Golden Rice, a genetically modified rice that could save more than half a million children around the world from disease and 250,000 from dying each year. Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, condemned Greenpeace in The Globe and Mail. He wrote that Golden Rice, created by Dr. Ingo … Continue reading

Obviously, THESE Morons Do Not Read “Hardnox And Friends”.

Because IF they DID, they would have seen numerous stories about the fallacy THEY are promulgating. Had to laugh when I read this. From The Daily  Enjoy.   Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling as polar bears flourish   By Michael Bastasch As many as 3,000 protesters took to the streets of London and marched alongside a double-decker-bus sized polar bear puppet, calling for bans on oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic. The environmental group Greenpeace, which organized the protests, argues that oil and gas drilling contributes to global warming, which in turn reduces Arctic ice cover and causes … Continue reading