Newt Gingrich discussing U.S. airstrikes in Syria.

April 7 at 2:08pm ~Thoughts, anyone?

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And shove’em into overdrive. I’ve NEVER trusted the U-frigging-N, and this story reminds me of just WHY that is. They are NOT about “world peace”. More like about annihilating Israel. Here is the disgusting story, from   UN Returns 20 Missiles Found in UN-Run Gaza School to Hamas   July 21, 2014 – 12:01 PM  By Curtis Kalin         On Friday, the United Nations found 20 missiles housed in one of their own schools in Gaza. Sunday, the UN returned the deadly weapons to Hamas.   The Times of Israel reported on Friday that a UN … Continue reading

The World On The Brink

Event Horizon Chronicle These are an extremely pivotal few days from the standpoint of international political economy and the Ukrainian crisis. Last minute diplomatic talks in London between Russia and the USSA over the Ukrainian crisis failed on Friday, and USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, has delivered an ultimatum to Russia — if the outcome of the Crimean referendum on Sunday is not to the liking of the USSA government then Washington, DC and its European allies will take a series of further, serious, unspecified, retaliatory measures on Monday. These threatened measures are widely expected to include a range … Continue reading