Are Our Mainstream Media Controlled by Puppet Masters?

I had to display this detailed org chart at full screen on a 42″ monitor to read it, but it explains why the MSM is so corrupt and in lockstep against Trump.  It is believed by some that the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, started in the 1950’s, is still active, as confirmed recently by the Free Thought Project:  “It seems that Operation Mockingbird is running strongly in 2015, under whatever code name it now operates.” A post by the mysterious “Q” on January 27, 2018, references a video posted by Julian Assange on Twitter with Joe Biden bragging about rigging the … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 4, 2013

. “If you cannot die my death, by what right do you try to live my life? What I am is not your key to heaven, nor are you my key to heaven. You have one hell of a lot better things to do, than to attempt to control me. And I have absolutely no desire to live in your shoes – Mine fit just fine, thank you! Remember one thing. While you may control my Actions, you cannot control my Mind. And my brain is only a tiny portion of my Mind~!” The BridgeWalker — Quotes, Quips and Quibbles … Continue reading