FACT CHECK: Islamic Terrorists Have Killed More In Domestic Attacks Since 9/11 Than the ‘Right Wing’

PJ MEDIA, BY PATRICK POOLE, AUGUST 17, 2016: In recent years the establishment media has pushed a narrative that right wing terrorism has been exploding while domestic Islamic terrorism posed very little threat to Americans at all. Just last year, media outlets claimed that so-called “right wing” terrorists had killed more since 9/11 than Islamic terrorists. Even now the establishment media repeat this claim, despite the fact that even using their own preferred data sources, such claims are no longer true. When that narrative was being spun last year, including by the New York Times, the data was at best questionable; … Continue reading

No Media Bias

There is NO….I repeat…NO, NONE, ZIP, NADA….media bias !   Well, maybe there is just a little. But the point is, dey needs dem some weaves so to be lookin’ goot on da YouTube !   ~Terry

Dear AP, Your Anti-Israel Bias is Showing – Again.

In case you missed it, Associated Press tried to pull a Ferguson with a police involved shooting in Jerusalem.  They then tried to backtrack, but Robert Laurie at CainTV.com called them out. They could have at least used Obama’s “workplace violence” angle… Yesterday, I alluded to the long, storied, history of bias at the Associated Press. Today, we have a brand new example – and it may be the worst one we’ve ever seen. Wednesday, in Israel, a group of commuters were standing together, waiting for a train.  Sadly, a Palestinian terrorist with a history of anti-Israeli violence was driving by … Continue reading