Milo Yiannopoulos Exposes The REAL Alex Jones

Posted on August 16, 2017 Milo sits down with Alex Jones in the Infowars studio to talk about President Trump, the double standard of the mainstream media, and how Breitbart and Infowars can change the news paradigm. ~Bear in mind: It’s not the messenger but the message that is important. I found this interview quite informative. HEA  

Rep. Nunes: US faces largest threat level since 9/11

Rep. Nunes: US faces largest threat level since 9/11   The cache of intelligence from Bin Laden despite requirements for expedited release has been slow-rolled by the Obama administration.  It could have and should have been released long ago. The information found in those documents should have been already released to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee at a minimum.  Any decisions on military and Iranian treaty could have been affected by having access to the complete cache.  Outcomes would possibly have made a large difference in the treatment and understanding the players and their objectives. Obama has deliberately stopped … Continue reading

Echos Down From the Past – Communism and Today

As often happens, we find through others leads and stories that while during their time were considered conspiracy and fear-mongering, seem today in reflection to have been very much based in truth. Here is one from the archives that I actually remember having grown up with and discussed during my high school days, revamped as news in 2009 and again in 2012.  It is definitely worth revisiting again.” “Cultural Marxism- the greatest evil facing the western world” by REDBAITER on April 29, 2015 is a good read and what caused me to write this blog. The You Tube has several parts. This is … Continue reading

What Does Media Blackout On Operation American Spring Mean

What Does Media Blackout On Operation American Spring Mean, Where is the Constitution  In America ~The man is right – we should be furious. Not at the low numbers of patriots but at the media blackout and usurpation of the First Amendment right to “Freedom of the Press” and Freedom of Speech” and the list goes on…. Janyk

Do you feel like I do?

A little personal commentary. Bundy redux. With all that has happened in the last few weeks, I thought it was time take another look. Nevada, media coverage, government force, etc. et al. Is anyone feeling burned by Bundy or his plight? Are you feeling let down, like you wasted your time and were deceived? Are you saying I made a big mistake and should have known better? Never again. Are you now angry at Cliven Bundy? Do you think this cost us big time politically, and that we will pay a price for it in the election? (real questions) Well, … Continue reading