Medal of Honor Recipient Vietnam Medic “Doc” James McCloughan

This gentleman, James McCloughan, deserves this honor for his devotion far above and beyond the call of duty.  Members of Army medic James McCloughan’s unit in Vietnam called him “Doc.” He became the first person to be awarded the nation’s highest military honor by President Trump. (Warning: you will need a tissue for this video) Trump Presents Medal of Honor to Heroic Vietnam Army Medic 7/31/17     “I feel honored to be able to accept this for the 89 men that fought that battle,” McCloughan said, referencing the number of American combatants, dozens of whom were killed, wounded or went missing during … Continue reading

Beyond the Call of Duty

From America’s Freedom Fighters: Brothers in Arms   Rare helmet-cam video shot in Afghanistan by a Medevac helicopter crew during the Battle of Ganjal Gar shows Capt. Will Swenson braving enemy fire to help his friend, mortally wounded First Sgt. Kenneth Westbrook, onto the aircraft. He leans in and kisses the wounded soldier on the head in an act of compassion and loyalty to his brother-in-arms. As the door closes and the helicopter takes off, Swenson turns and runs back to the battle! After rescuing Westbrook, Swenson would venture three more times into the kill zone of a Taliban ambush … Continue reading