Hawaii Judge Again Blocks Travel Ban – Coincidence

Even though the latest executive order from Trump is nearly airtight concerning immigration and travel ban including a lot of examples, a judge in Hawaii has decided to defy him and issue a nation-wide travel ban again. Additionally a Maryland judge issued a more restrictive version one day later. This has a few patriotic conservative reporting sites’ eyebrows raised — why? Obama just “happened” to have been visiting Hawaii a day before the judge made his ruling. LATimes by Jaweed Kaleem March 16, 2017 A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked the major provisions of President Trump’s revised ban on … Continue reading

Dan Bongino – We Need More Guys Like Him

I came across this quote on Dan’s FB page. It’s part of his acceptance speech that he gave after being elected to Congress in Maryland.  He didn’t give that speech on a stage in front of wealthy donors dressed in tuxedos – he gave it on the floor of a small factory located in the area. He said he chose this location because it’s precisely the men and women who toil daily on America’s factory floors who have been left behind by the insider class that currently dominates Washington DC.  In other words, yes, they DID build that. If, during my … Continue reading

What the Hell’s the Matter with Maryland?

  The Daily Caller says: There’s really no question by now that entirely too many school administrators across America are crazy, drooling morons. However, school administrators in Maryland — and some teachers, and a few students — possess a special, possibly bionic blend of stupidity and lunacy. Let’s review the indisputable facts. Amazingly, all of these ridiculous incidents occurred in Maryland in the last several months alone. Just last week, Ellicott City parent Robert Small was violently arrested and charged with two crimes for expressing his frustrations about the implementation of the Common Core at a public forum Thursday night in … Continue reading